Year 5/6 Basketball

Year 5-6 P.E.

Yr5-6 has been playing basketball in P.E. and have been learning many skills including: passing, shooting, dribbling and getting into a good space.


There are many types of passes: chest past, javelin pass and bounce pass.


You can shoot from many angles as long as you don’t put the ball out of the court, you can do a layup shot which means running up to the hoop and take three steps and throw it off the square and into the hoop.

Chest throw; you push the basketball from your chest and throw it on the backboard of the net.

Javelin throw is where you push it from behind your back and hit the backboard of the net and hopefully it goes in.

If you want to play basketball try and do all the things we told you to do and you will have fun and be a good player.


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