Who lives in a nest like this?

Some visitors have made themselves quite at home in the front porchway at school and we are wondering how many of you will be able to work out who these visitors are?

Some facts about our visitors:

  • These visitors like to eat small insects caught on the wing;
  • They spend most of their time in flight;
  • They have a forked tail;
  • They spend the Winter in South Africa;
  • They can travel up to 200 miles in a day, at 17-22 mph; and
  • Their maximum speed is 35 mph.

So our question to you is: Who lives in a nest like this?

If you think you know the answer, send an email to admin.kirmington@northlincs.gov.uk


3 Responses to “Who lives in a nest like this?”

  1. Swift.

    We can’t match all facts above, to any of the 3 similar birds.


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