Summer Play 2019: Aladdin Trouble

When Mrs Storey was asked to purchase the license to allow the children to perform “Aladdin Trouble”, little did she know that, for a short while at least, Kirmington St Helena’s would be transformed into a mini Hollywood, with script writers, a director, actors and cries of lights, camera, action …… well okay maybe not quite that far ….. but there were lights.

The sound of children singing filled the school day after day and, as the confidence of the young actors grew, confident voices could be heard rehearsing their roles, with the menacing sound of Abanaza and the higher pitched tones of not one but TWO panto dames, resounding through the building …. and that was just Mrs Smith!

Mrs Smith had adapted the script to fit in references to Kirmington school and it was under her direction that the play began to take shape, with Miss Somerscales in charge of the music and songs. Even up to just a few days before opening night (well afternoon), there were worried faces, with things not going quite to plan and it was with trepidation that the doors were opened and the audience was admitted for the first performance.

Ninety minutes, much laughter and an amazing performance later, a beaming audience left the hall. The children had pulled out all the stops and delivered the first of three superb performances and we could not be prouder of them.




2 Responses to “Summer Play 2019: Aladdin Trouble”

  1. Nicky Somerscales

    Wow it’s fab some fantastic pictures well done you can see a lot of hard work gone into it look forward to keeping upto date on it

  2. Amy Hunter

    Amazing performance from all of the children and staff involved, you all should be very proud.


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