Spring Term Class Displays

We’ve had a very busy term so far and the display boards around the school are filled with reminders of the topics, trips and events that we have covered over that last few months.

On one of their walls, Foundation have a lovely display of fruit they have painted, with some of the words they have been learning to describe them with and by the door there is a very red display of items, artwork and writing about China, which was the country they ‘visited’ for Global Day.

Meanwhile, KS1 have an amazing display all about Amy Johnson, complete with a replica propeller, made by the talented Mrs Hogan, and a collage representation of Amy in her flying jacket and helmet. KS1 were able to learn more about Amy during a visit to the Transport Museum in Hull last term. The second display board in KS1 is full of silhouettes of wildlife against lovely sunsets and is a homage to Kenya which was their chosen destination for Global day.

One of the displays in KS2 has examples of written work, completed by the children and covers the work they have done in English about myths and legends. The second photo shows the finished  “Earth and Space” display which showcases some of the work produced by the children and was the topic at the very start of this school year. This display has been cleverly designed to give the illusion of viewing space from a spaceship.

Around the school are other display boards, including one showing pictures from various events that have happened over the last school year and a P.E. specific one which is still under construction but contains pictures from sporting events the children have attended, the running club times for every pupil from year 1 to year 6 and general information.

We hope you are as proud of and impressed by the work that the children have produced, as we are and that you take the opportunity have a closer look next time you are in school.


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