Sponsored Obstacle Course

On Thursday 17th October, all the children took part in a sponsored obstacle course event which the School Council had organised, to raise money for the School Fund. The event had initially been scheduled for Friday 18th but with the weather forecast unfavourable to say the least, the decision was taken to hold it a day early. Each child was given a cardboard bracelet to wear, upon which each circuit of the course could be recorded, and were allowed to wear either fancy dress, their own clothes from home or their P.E. Kit.

Just after 1 p.m. a colourful and excited parade of participants, headed up to the village playing field where Mrs Somerscales, Mrs Russell and Mr Marsh had already set out the elements of the course. A number of parents and grandparents turned up to spectate, cheering the children on and even the Nursery children took on the challenge. Miss Maddison and Mrs Lissiak were in charge of marking arm bands as the children completed the circuit, with other members of staff marshalling specific obstacles. Every child gave it their all, notching up circuit after circuit and it was lovely to see older children encouraging their younger schoolmates.

Thank you to the School Council for organising the event, Mrs Somerscales for co-ordinating everything, to the staff for helping out, to you the parents for the amazing support you give to all our endeavours and, most importantly of all, to our wonderful children, for throwing themselves (sometimes quite literally) with great enthusiasm into the event. We hope to have all the sponsorship money in school by the end of the first week back after half-term and will post an update on the total amount raised.


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