Show & Tell Week 6

The weather hasn’t been brilliant this week but, judging from the photos on this week’s Show and Tell, you have all made the best of it . If you want to take part in the next Show & Tell, please send photos and/or a sentence or two, to by the end of next Saturday.

Click here to see what the children at St Barnabas have been doing this week.

The girls project work from last week.

The mothers day flowers that Layla brang home from school are blooming.
The girls sunflowers are growing really well
Bethany and Layla
While Arabella has been practising being a superhero, Eleanor and Camilla have been busy making decorations out of beads for enterprise market.  Another active and creative week.
This week the boys have done lots of art for V. E DAY., learning how to look after their animals, and working on beating their pbs at running. Casper and River have also joined in completing 2 laps in just over 8 MINUTES. We have also begun laying a path around the Orchard.
from Ayrton, Casper, Ethan, Euan & River
This week was tricky getting back into home-school after two weeks holiday! Sophia is missing friends and school life.
We went for a 5k walk round Barrow Blow wells and field tracks and have done 3 mornings of Joe Wicks.
It was Gwenno’s 10th Birthday another lockdown birthday! Sophia made her a card and we found some treats!
Friday we had a pj day, we have quite a few of these.🤣 so we were happy with this challenge. Sophia did School work, jelly making and seed planting in her pjs.
We have had lots of fun hanging out, playing board games, playing hairdressers- lucky daddy!  Bike riding (when the weather has been nice) and it was Julian’s birthday so we had a lovely family party at home involving lots of nerf gun and Lazer gun fights and Face-Timing family. Lucia, Julian and Bella are enjoying playing and dressing up as ladybug, cat noir and Rena rouge.
Lucia found a very unusual daisy in the garden (a three in one daisy) and really wanted to show you. We hope everyone is keeping well x
Isabelle has been watching the news and decided she wanted to help the poorly people during the virus. So she used her £31 money box money and with Mam we chose the air ambulance as the charity as 1) helicopters are cool and with being able to see the airport from her room she sees the sea air and rescue helicopter flying everywhere helping and 2) they get people to hospital faster so they get help quicker than road ones. She told grandma and grandma said she would make it up to £100 as it was such a good cause!
Charlie and Elliott have been enjoying their daily walks this week even in the rain. Charlie keeps checking to see if the school is open yet😂. Charlie has made a volcano and was well impressed with it. We did a family scavenger hunt via zoom too.
Isla has been putting her sewing skills from sewing club to good use and made a backpack for her dolls.
The girls made our first cake that didn’t come out flat as a pancake….!
Addie had a little helper whilst doing her English work.
Isla and Addie have also committed to jogging/walking a mile a day for 26 days which is the equivalent of doing the London marathon (but much more manageable!) and they’ve out run mum every day so far.
We’ve also been watching the nesting bluetits outside our kitchen window from a camera in the bird box and she’s laid 10 eggs which we can’t wait to see hatch!
Ella Homeschooling Week beginning 27.04.2020
Ella has had another busy, active and creative week.