Show & Tell Week 4

Your happy faces, creativity and activities, continue to be an inspiration to every visitor to the Show & Tell pages. If you want to take part in the next Show & Tell, please send photos and/or a sentence or two, to by the end of next Saturday.

Click here to see what the children at St Barnabas have been doing this week.


Sophia delivered a present to Beatrice’s gate for a non contact Birthday delivery.
Sophia’s camping cooking!
Next was Henry’s lockdown 13th Birthday with a few presents for Sophia.
Made pizza with Daddy in traditional Italian style.
Then delivered Gwenno Easter carrot full of treats, carrots, sugar lumps and polos.

We had a little help on our Easter egg hunt this year!

The Easter bunny left a Calling card
We had fun in the sun
Trialled a new knitted egg cosy
Did a bit of tractoring
Made a shelter for the lambs and Beatrice tried it for size

from Beatrice & Philippa


 Enjoying the Easter egg hunt in our back garden.
Making gingerbread men.
Having fun on a Tarzan swing in the woods.
PE with Joe in fancy dress Friday’s.

from a Year 1 Child


We did some camping in the back garden. We even had a campfire and toasted marshmallows.
Charlie designed a ‘capture the flag’ course for him and Elliott.


We have had a fun week making chocolate Easter cakes and cookies, playing in the sun, helping Daddy with the second coat on the fence, doing our Easter egg hunt, painting and making our Easter window and lots of playing. Hope you all had a lovely Easter, Lucia, Julian and Bella are all missing their friends and teachers 🥰 xxx


Another busy and active week for Arabella, Camilla & Eleanor


The boys have been playing alot outside: Ethan made a salad bar; Casper helped paint the fences; Ayrton has played lots with the ducks; the boys had a big Easter hunt in the garden; helped dad make the filtration system for the duck pond and made some Gnomes to put in our veg garden. Ethan has also been teaching himself guitar.

Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper & River