Show & Tell Week 3

Another fantastic selection of photos and text, depicting all the amazing things you have been up this week. If you want to take part in the next Show & Tell, please send photos and/or a sentence or two, to by the end of next Saturday.

Click here to see what the children at St Barnabas have been doing this week.

Spencer Bear is staying with Miss Somerscales whilst school is closed and has been a very busy little bear. He has helped with the laundry, made sure Miss Somerscales is safe and has been using the laptop (which is where he saw Show & Tell and asked Miss Somerscales if he could send some photos in for it). He has also been helping Miss Somerscales look after the school fish and check that the school is okay. Miss Somerscales also caught him sneaking into the new outdoor classroom!


Charlie interviewed granny and grandad about their childhood.
We all played a topical board game.
We went for a walk around the village and shared the love with some hearts and rainbows
Charlie wrote a story and Elliott illustrated it.
Elliott is missing hockey
Charlie and Elliott experimented with wax crayon art
Here are their final pieces…
Charlie added a heart
Elliott chose an elephant.


Anna was really excited to see the bud on her Mummy’s Mother’s Day present had flowered!

We were even more excited when a Peacock Butterfly decided to sit on it!

We have all taken the opportunity with all this spare time to do some tidying up. Even Lucy and Alex had a go at cleaning the Wendy house windows. Good work!

Anna’s been feeling particularly creative! This time she was making ‘Monster Puppets’

And this time, she decided to replicate Buckingham Palace, with a cardboard box, some paper and toilet roll tubes. Anna, Lucy and Alex then drew on each side.

Finally, the warm, sunny weather has encouraged us to put up the trampoline! Every day is trampoline day!


Our sunflowers are growing well.
Having a sit down on our walk round the village.
Having fun on the trampoline.
Taking part in clap for carers.

From Bethany, Layla and Freddy x


The girls have been busy finding frogspawn in the pond, Adelaide found a pigeon’s egg whilst exploring the garden and they’ve enjoyed messing around in the oilseed rape fields outside our house. Addie also learned to ride a bike with no stabilisers and there’s been a little bit of work thrown in too.

From Isla & Adelaide


Isabelle has been super busy helping us get the beer garden ready to reopen, lots of paining and jet washing (yes we all got wet when Izzy had a go haha).