A Message from your Teacher…week 9

Children your show and tell this week seem particularly amazing.

They show us that you are all learning all the time, and that you are learning  how to do some amazing things too. Many of the things you have done, you wouldn’t have learned without the lock down, so we need to be thankful that we have had these chances and this time to be with our families.

Across the Federation you have been digging trenches, assembling beds, making mud pies, growing vegetables, fence painting, making recycled cities and even setting up potato businesses! ! You have all been incredibly busy.

Your science and DT at home has impressed and inspired us all. . .Bees, butterflies, baking experiments, making pets and lots of exploding volcanoes.

Well done to each and everyone of you.

Your handwriting entries have delighted us. The staff have loved seeing them and Mrs. Stothard has really enjoyed being able to judge them.

The winners will each receive a prize of £5.00. We will be in touch with mums and dads to let you know how we will get this to you so don’t spend your winnings just yet!

Your photos show us how fast you are all growing! We miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you again when it’s safe.

We hope you have an amazing half term. Have fun.

Keep away from your school work!

Stay safe


Mrs. Murray

PS keep reading


Hello everybody

​What strange weather we have had this week. One minute sunny, then windy and then raining but I can imagine that hasn’t dampened your spirit and you and your families have been keeping busy as much as you can. Looking at your show and tell photographs I can see that you have been keeping fit (Megan we love yoga in school too), working hard, caring for nature, reading and being creative in many different ways.  I’ve been working at home and popping into school to check the fish and make sure the school is still looking as beautiful as when we left it way back in March! Enjoy your half term and keep safe and have lots of fun.

With love

Miss Somerscales xxx


Hi Girls – I see you have been on another bike ride in the glorious weather and you still have smiles on your faces which tells me you really enjoy going out on your bikes. I reckon by the time we are all back at school you’ll be challenging Mr Marsh at running club with all this fitness you’ve been doing.
Arabella I love the picture you have drawn, am I right in spying a few more “A’s” for Arabella on your picture, if so well done they are formed very well.
Well done for another lovely show and tell girls, keep smiling and take care.

Isabelle you look so happy playing outside at your mam’s pub. What a brilliant idea using tree cuttings to make a wall for your treehouse.
It’s lovely to see you are keeping up with your reading and I bet Grandma really enjoyed listening to you read over Facetime.
Your last photo made me smile as I spotted cheeky Isabelle sticking her tongue out!
Keep safe, keep smiling and keep enjoying yourself.

Hi Boys – What a lovely idea to take a photo at the same location each year to see how much you have all grown. What fabulous memories to keep.
Casper what a clever boy to have drawn a picture of the world with all the children in it all by yourself. I bet it looks brilliant.
How exciting to have watched the roof tiles taken down and to be able to recycle them around your garden.
Say hello to Karen your new chicken friend. I have 3 chickens and they like to follow me around my garden which makes me smile.
Take care boys and stay safe.

from Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. Russell


Megan – Wow, you look like you know what you’re doing with Cosmic Yoga – was that the Frozen version? We have also had this on in my house! Your Ark and rainbow look wonderful in the window, the colours are so bright, well done 🌈

Sophia – I have to say I’m pleased it’s half term too… we might not be at school but there’s still so much learning to be done! It looks like you had a lovely trip to the beach, even building a moat around your sand castles, and some interesting finds too. I hope Henry has managed to fix his puncture now and you’ve been able to have another attempt at your bike ride 🚴🏼

Bethany, Layla and Freddy – How exciting to have all of your butterflies now, it’s fascinating to watch, isn’t it? I hope you manage to have a sunny day for their release. I can imagine you have all had fun with your pool, especially with the weather we’ve had just lately. Layla, your letter to Miss Somerscales is lovely, full of news about what you have been doing. I can imagine she was very pleased to read it 😁

Elodie – It sounds like you’ve been doing some fantastic school work, your Winston Churchill speech and the story about Mike and the turtle are so beautifully written, well done 🐢

Beatrice and Philippa – How lovely to look back on some of your favourite memories from your Happy Jar, what a lovely idea. I loved seeing the lambs roaming around your garden with your dog, I can’t imagine how my dog would react! Your veggie patch looks like it is doing really well, I’m sure you have been enjoying some lovely ripe strawberries already 🍓

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella – I can see that you have taken full advantage of the sunny weather by using your water slide (what fun!) and going for a bike ride. Your creative session in the shade of the trees looks like it produced some wonderful work, well done 🖍

Isabelle – I looks like you have been having lots of outdoor fun in the garden whilst we have had the sun! I am pleased to see you reading to Grandma, I’m sure she really enjoyed listening to you 📖

Ayrton, Casper, Ethan, Euan and River – How wonderful to hear that your friends have received some lovely letters from you, and to welcome a new friend to the village is really special. I can imagine how helpful you have been by moving the old slates and helping to break them up and recycle them in the garden. Looking at your mud pies reminded me of when I used to make them! I love your photos in Limber Woods – what a great idea to take it in the same place every year, I bet you had fun seeing how much you have all changed 📷

Spencer Bear – You have been busy – that new scarf looks like it will keep you really warm in the colder months, I wonder if you could knit one for me too! Your bread buns look delicious, I hope you didn’t make too much mess with the flour. We have also used Morrison’s Click and Collect, I’m pleased to see that you got your essentials, don’t eat all that chocolate at once! 🧻🍫

I have been busy helping my girls with their school work, as well as getting in plenty of dog walks. I have also been doing PE with Joe every day, some baking and I’ve started learning some sign language which is keeping me busy. For now, stay safe everyone 🌈 💕

from Mrs. Healey


Hello everyone. I hope that you are all feeling good and enjoying the sunshine. Keep smiling!
Megan, your Noah’s Ark picture is so big and bright, it’s fantastic! I’m really pleased to hear you are reading lots too as it’s very important to keep it up. You look very busy with your yoga sessions. What is your favourite pose?
Sophia, I am very intrigued as to what your Noah’s Ark model is going to look like. You are obviously taking great care and attention to detail. Your animals look good even now. Well done.
Bethany, Laylaand Freddy, it must have been very exciting to watch when your butterflies hatched. They look beautiful in your photographs. Do they all have the same patterns? Layla, your writing in the letter is very neat and clear, well done! I have had my paddling pool out this week as well but the water has been so cold I could only dip my toes in quickly.
Elodie, it looks like you have been very busy again this week with your school work. Well done. Your VE day poem is very thoughtful and so clearly set out. I could imagine the soldiers saying those words as they went into battle.
Beatrice and Philippa, I’m glad to see that you are still looking after those lambs. They look very cute. Your vegetable patch looks very healthy and like you are growing lots of different plants. Who does the weeding? I love the idea of your happy jar as it’s really important to have memories of the good times you have shared. I might borrow the idea and make my own jar this week!
Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor, it looks like you have really enjoyed the good weather this week and have got plenty of fresh air. Your fantastic art box must have helped you to create some amazing pictures outside. Arabella looks so proud of her’s! Keep up with the biking, it’s a good way to exercise and see things in the countryside that you might miss when you are driving in your car. Where is your favourite place to go on your wheels?
Isabelle, I bet your Grandma really enjoyed listening to you read your books. Well done, it’s really important to keep reading because it will help you do lots of things at home and when you are playing. What a good idea to use tree cuttings for your treehouse! I bet it was hard work though.
Sophia, well done for completing your school work but I’m glad you’ve had some fresh air as well. The seaside looks great! It must have been lovely to get the sand between your toes and paddle in the sea. The sandcastles look great. Have you spotted any birds in your bird house yet?
Ayrton, Casper, River, Euan and Ethan, it sounds very exciting at your house with your project about the environment. Well done Casper for drawing the world, you must have used a very big piece of paper! Writing letters to your school friends sounds like an excellent idea, I’m sure that your friends will love getting them and reading your thoughtful messages. I bet you enjoyed being allowed to break up the old tiles and it is really good that you are recycling them in your garden instead of throwing them away. Fancy having a chicken to stay with you! How do the ducks feel about this?
from Mrs. Cook


It looks like you are making good progress with your Ark Sophia, I’m excited to see the finished product. You seem to be having lots of fun at the beach, poor Henry getting a puncture!

Bethany it sounds like you have done really well with the butterflies, you deserve some relaxation time in the swimming pool.

Beatrice how lovely that you have spent time looking through the memories in your happy jar. I think I will start one myself!

Eleanor and Camilla you are looking very happy on your bikes.

Ethan what a nice boy you are writing letters to your friends and welcoming new children to the village.

from Mr. Marsh


How wonderfully busy you are all keeping!

Sophia, what a wonderful Noah’s Ark (in progress) and what a super time you look to be having at the beach!  I love to see all the fun you are having!

Ethan, I am so pleased you have been welcoming a new child to the village and by using your writing skills, that is even better!  As always boys, it looks fun and you are all working hard together in your house and garden.  The Limber woods photos are great – just look at how much you have all grown!

Camilla and Eleanor, as always, you are having so much fun but still finding time to work hard.  You have sent me so much work this week and I have loved receiving it! I love the slip ‘n’ slide photo!

Beatrice, it looks like you and Philippa have been busy in your garden and looking after your lambs.  You have also sent me some super work this week as well – well done and thank you.

Bethany, thank you for showing us the progress of the butterflies – I was hoping you would.  It looks like you are still all having fun in the sun!

Spencer, what a busy bear you have been! I am enjoying your essential items and I am also wondering if that is a cup of tea…or Pink Gin…or are you enjoying both together? It did look fun riding on the trolley – I wonder if they would let me do that?

from Mrs. Smith