A Message from your Teacher…week 8

Dear Everyone,

What a week we have all had!!
Your Show and Tells have helped us all this week more than you could know.
They have shown us your smiles and your fun fun times.
They have shown us you laughing and playing and the rough and tumble and togetherness of your family lives.

Please do not worry if you haven’t got this or that finished (and that is for mums and dads just as much as the children!!) Be kind to yourselves. All too soon we will all be back at school and work. We will be all ‘caught up’ whatever that means. . and we will be thinking to ourselves I wish we could go back and have that family time again…

A big Mrs Murray hug to you all and a head teacher’s sticker to each and every parent- you are doing a cracking job x

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella you all scrubbed up well for your VE party- love that photograph on the table- who is it?

Lucy S what a detailed picture of Noah’s Ark. Fabulous.

Bethany, Layla and Freddie– growing caterpillars- you should get in touch with Chloe and Lauren at St B as they have done that too.

Ella what a busy girl- I particularly liked your name in natural objects and Elodie yours was huge – you get the prize for the biggest across both schools!

Beatrice your Noah’s ark was so very detailed and colourful.

Freddie what a memorable VE day- I love the ‘scarecrow’ it should have got you first place for sure.

Sophia your 6km walk sounds like what I need at the moment- Stanley (the dog) and Keith ( the cat) like to sit on me whilst I am working too.

Beatrice and Philippa, what a fabulous time you are having. I don’t think I would want to come back to school if I lived on a farm!

Ayrton, Casper, Ethan, Euan and River your smiles and beautiful long hair and all that gardening made me smile.

Stay safe and keep smiling (and reading!)

from Mrs. Murray


What another busy and productive week you look like you have all had.

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella what a wonderful VE day party you had in your garden and how stunning do you all look in your posh dresses, make-up and hair styles. It looks like you are zooming along fast in the tractor girls. I hope you didn’t crash!

Lucy your Noah’s Ark picture is carefully coloured and I like the way you have created the waves.

Nature walks are always fun are they Bethany, Layla and Freddie. Please keep us posted about the caterpillars.

Ella you are always so busy doing exciting things. Brilliant.

Elodie, it’s great to hear that you have been working so hard but then I never doubted that! I’m loving Queen Elizabeth I dress. Did you enjoy learning facts about her? It looks like your garden has lots of natural materials in for you to write your name.

Freddie, I’m loving the Army Land Rover and I bet it looked super cool in your village on VE day. Brilliant idea.

Every time I see your show and tell Sophia you are always having a brilliant time exploring with Henry.

It’s a hard life Beatrice and Philippa working on a farm but it looks like you are both natural at it.

Ethan, Ayrton, Euan, Casper and River you have continued to have a busy week again. Every time I see your photographs you are always outside in the garden either creating or caring for your animals. Egg and Veg delivery Euan! It sounds like you are becoming a market gardener.

With lots of love

Miss Somerscales xx


Again, everyone looks to be continuing to have fun in the sun, work hard and play hard.  I look forward to your show and tell page every week and this week was no different.  Thank you to you all for brightening up my Sunday with your wonderful pictures.  Continue to stay safe and have fun all of you.

Love Mrs. Smith

Eleanor and Camilla, you have been busy.  Your Noah’s Ark looks fabulous and it looks like you had great VE Day celebrations too.  The picture of Camilla and Arabella on the tractor is such a wonderful action shot!

Lucy, that is a beautiful picture of Noah’s Ark and I know Mrs. Stothard will be crying tears of joy looking at it!

Your caterpillars are well on their way to becoming butterflies Bethany – how wonderful! Those Noah’s Arks are also fabulous – well done.

Ella, your natural objects name challenge is lovely. Mine was a bit boring as I just used sticks – I like that you used different materials. Great to see you are still enjoying the outdoors and baking Ella and that school work looks spot on. Well done for staying motivated, working hard and having fun!

Freddie, super project work as always. Well done. I particularly love your scarecrow on the Land Rover!

Sophia, I love that you are getting lots of walks in with your family and extra snuggles with Snoopy!  Keep sending the photos as I love seeing them every week!

Beatrice, another super piece of work, careful drawing and colouring and you thought of lots of animals to go in the ark [click link to view the video Completed Work page, Year 5]. Your stop-motion animation is absolutely wonderful! You have all been so busy again with the baking, making, working and sheep shearing – and those scones look absolutely delicious.

What wonderful photos boys! I love seeing your smiling faces and those chicks and ducks are adorable.  You really have been working hard on the garden too!  Super work!


Arabella– Hello girls, my word you have made a lovely job of Noah’s Ark, so inventive, you have even used mummy’s tea towel for the animals to walk up to the doors.  Eleanor and Camillayou look really glamorous all dressed up to celebrate VE Day, I love that little cheeky mischievous smiley face peeping from behind those pretty flowers on the table, I wander who that is? Your celebration picnic looked really yummy, as does your chocolate cookies. Going for walks with daddy seems to be keeping him busy but I’m sure he enjoys it as much as you all, he looks to be having a lot of fun too. Keep smiling and laughing girls xx

Casperand River– Hi boys, you have been busy again, helping mum in the garden. The vegetables are doing really well, l can see that they growing. It looks like you went for a long bike ride and had plenty of exercise .  Your duck is getting very big, she is a lovely colour and your chicks look very soft and fluffy. Well done with your art work, it looks like we have some budding artists in the making. Keep up the good work boys with your vegetables and look after each other, take care xx

Love from Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. Russell


Fantastic family fun for VE Day Eleanorand Camilla. It looks much better than the party I had!
Wow Lucy….super picture. It looks like you have put a lot of time and effort into it, Mrs Stothard will be delighted!
Well done Bethany for growing caterpillars into butterflies. I used to enjoy trying to catch butterflies in a net when I was young (I would always release them once I’d inspected them!)
Another busy week Ella, it is great to see you working on your Maths, it makes me smile!
Beatriceyour ark will have to be very big to hold all those animals! I wonder if they would all get along.
Freddieyour VE Day project is superb…I love the use of the 1940s Land Rover.
SophiaI think I could use Snoopy next to me to take make sure I do my work! I hope you got to take Gwenno out.
EthanI love your enthusiasm for enjoying the great outdoors…the picture of you muddy says it all!!

Mr. Marsh


Hello everyone!

Camilla, Arabella and Eleanor, your VE celebration photos look like you had a lot of fun and a memorable time. Did you enjoy dressing up? You all look very pretty. Noah’s Ark is great. It looks very sturdy and I bet it will hold a lot of animals.

Lucy, your picture of Noah’s Ark is very detailed. It must have taken you a long time to colour. Which is your favourite animal?

Bethany and Layla, your Noah’s Ark pictures are really cheerful and bright. I hope that the sun shines like that this week! Freddy, what colour do you think the butterflies will be when they have grown from caterpillars?

Ella, you have found lots of different examples of natural features to make your name. Well done. I like to collect objects from outside when I’m on a walk too. Your Noah’s Ark picture and project work show that you have thought carefully about the story.

Elodie, what a busy week you’ve had! Your name is big and clear enough to be seen from the sky.  Queen Elizabeth l looks very grand and I like the way you have used natural decorations. I’m impressed that you have made her stand up. You must have worked very hard to fill all those books with learning. Well done!

Beatrice, your Noah’s Ark picture looks very colourful and full of animals. Noah looks pleased! Which is your favourite animal?

Freddie, you have described your  VE Day celebrations very thoroughly. Well done, I can tell that you enjoyed them. Could you answer the quiz questions?

Sophia, it looks like you have had another full week. Did you eat any of the strawberries that you saw? Well done for keeping up with your school work. Snoopy looks very relaxed! I hope that you enjoyed your hack with Gwenno.

Philippa, the sheep and lambs have kept you busy haven’t they! I am very impressed with feeding three lambs at once. Wow. Beatrice, your soda bread looks tasty and the rainbow is very striking and colourful. How did you make it?

Euan, I bet you had to carry those eggs carefully on your delivery and felt very helpful. Did you ride far on your bike? Ayrton, your game of hide and seek looks fun! Ethan, the chicks and ducks look like they are enjoying their cuddles with you. Casper and River, you look very happy caring for your animals and plants. Is it hard work?

from Mrs. Cook


And from some of our wonderful volunteers (we miss you all)……


Hello everyone I hope you are all well. I know that you are keeping busy from seeing all of your pictures on Show and Tell. I am keeping busy too, in my garden, lots of knitting and lots of thinking of you all. Hope you enjoyed the Noah’s ark project. I love the ones I have seen and your long list of animals Beatrice. Thank you Lucy too. Love seeing you enjoy VE day in your own ways. I too enjoyed it, at a distance, with my neighbours on either side.

Lots of love

Mrs. Stothard xxx


Hi to all staff, I am well and keeping very busy doing knitting, baking and of course house work. I have done knitting for hospitals that have been calling out for baby items, hearts etc. I have helped in the garden weeding etc. I am enjoying watching the wildlife that is now visiting my garden, I love seeing the red, white and black woodpecker climbing up the trunks of our trees it is wonderful to watch. My cat watches also through the window and growls quite often at the big birds (she will not go outside too scared) haha!!

Hello Children, I miss seeing your smiley faces and hearing your wonderful voices with lots of news. I am busy talking on FaceTime with my grandchildren in Ossett and my granddaughter in America which keeps me busy. I was invited to join in with my grandsons music session which was for Mini Maestros on Zoom, it was wonderful we played on drums (pans), anything you could make a noise with, I was glad you all at school could not see me banging a pan, a metal bowl with wooden spoon, a plastic chopstick etc plus trying to wiggle, jump and sing rhymes but Livio and Eliana enjoying laughing at Grammy doing the same as them on a computer screen haha!!!! I hope you are all doing similar things to chat to your friends and relations as me.

Take care everyone, love to you all Mrs Lissiak xxxxx


I have been quite busy and enjoyed the time at home.
I’ve baked loads, giving it to friends when my husband has had enough!!!
Done lots of jobs and had to cancel quite a few holidays. !!!
Stay safe and looking forward to seeing you later xxx

from Mrs. Pratt


Hello children.
Hope that you are all well and looking after yourselves. I have been so busy writing assignments for my university course. I have also spent a lot of time in the garden in the lovely sunshine planting some flowers, fingers crossed that they grow!
I have been looking at the website every week and have seen what you are all doing. So many of you are doing amazing things and I am so impressed that you are all spending time with your family and helping out around the house and garden. It’s great to see you all making things too!
I miss seeing you all around school!
See you soon.
Miss Green


Hi everyone, Mrs Lambert here. I just want to say how much I’m missing seeing you all but I absolutely love it when my phone pings on a Monday morning and the show and tell photographs and comments come through. It brightens my whole day.
You have certainly all been enjoying the fabulous weather and spending lots of time out of doors. I was particularly excited when I heard about the find of the airmen’s button and piece for the oxygen tank. I was thinking I would love to find something like that in my garden when low and behold last Friday I found a very old coin. It was caked in hundreds of years of debris so we put it in vinegar and salt which cleaned it. Almost all the markings have gone, it’s very thin and is not magnetic and passed the ping test. I have given it to the local village historian to have a look at.
My husband and I have two allotments, one is a full size ninety feet by thirty feet in Grimsby and one a little less than half that size in Laceby. We are growing lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, peas, leeks, broccoli, strawberries, raspberries, black currants, gooseberries, golly berries, (a cross between a black currant and gooseberry), cabbages, spinach, beetroot, parsnips, carrots, courgettes, pumpkins and squash !! We are also growing a selection of flowers. As you can imagine it keeps us very busy weeding and watering.
Our family have a quiz night zoom meeting on a Friday night. I am usually the quizmaster and now know lots of trivia facts.
I’ve also been busy making clothes for my granddaughters dolls and embroidered felt bookmarks for my grandsons. They get very excited when a parcel arrives for them. Well I think that’s all for now. Take care and instead of saying keep dancing I’ll say keep reading.
from Mrs. Lambert


As we are well into the ‘vunerable age’ staying at home was what Boris told us to do. The thought of 12 weeks not seeing family or friends in the flesh or meals out, nights away holidays…..aaargh! How would we survive? Well we are now into the ninth week and not thinking of getting divorced and are planning for the future.
The wonderful people of Kirmington have shopped for us plus on line deliveries and we seem to keep busy. The sunshine has been a great asset. The garden and church yard have both been well looked after. We have walked at least 3 miles every day and I did cheat and walk more than once a day, also went for bike rides to Ulceby, Limber, Wooton.
I have cooked more varied meals as I have had to plan and made far more cakes etc. Fish and chips from the Marrowbone was a lovely treat. I have read lots of books, tried to keep up with my on line Spanish, done zoomed exercise classes and had long chats to friends and relations.
V.E. day was rather special. We had a social distancing street party and ate and drank whilst numerous children had tremendous fun riding bikes up and down East End…not sure about the social distancing with the children!
We are now into the 9th week. We had  Click and Collect shopping from Scunthorpe Tesco. It was good to be feel slightly free again! I am going to Worlaby for a walk with a friend. I hope I can still drive!
To all the children….I look forward to seeing you in school again and welcoming you into church. Just keep practising your reading, it is so important and one day I will be in school to listen to you.
from Mrs L’Angelier


Hi everyone! Isla, Adelaide and Rafi have been keeping me very busy since we moved to the farm. We’ve been doing school work, wheelbarrow rides and we’ve had a few picnics too. We did some herding sheep (although a couple of them kept escaping!) and we’ve been doing a LOT of wallpaper stripping which is pretty boring. I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying the time with your families. I’m really looking forward to coming back and reading with some of you again soon!

from Mrs Hilton