A Message from your Teacher…week 7

Dear parents and children,

What a wonderful week of activities and celebrations.

I have loved seeing every single one of your photographs and hearing about all your fun. It has really given me such a lift this week, especially seeing your outfits!

We will all certainly remember this VE day! We shall have to have a massive party next year. Please could you save some of your pictures, posters, menus and artefacts as we would like to have a display when we get back to school.

This morning at Barnetby we are taking delivery of an ‘aeroplane’!! Nathan and his dad made it for Enterprise from scrap but it turned out a little larger than they anticipated!

In the meantime, please keep making memories together. Keep having fun and sharing glorious family times. . .and keep reading.

Love Mrs. MURRAY


Hello everybody

What a fun week last week was preparing for the VE day celebrations then having a party on the Friday. It was very exciting getting ready to remember and celebrate something so special. I put bunting up in my house and in the garden and had a little party on the day. To make it extra special I had a photograph of my Great Uncle Stan (Squadron Leader Stanley Alan Somerscales DFC) who received the Distinguishing Flying Cross, on display all day so we could remember how brave he was and how he gave his life to save our country. I’m sure most of you will know somebody who was just as brave as my Stan.​

Layla– Your family home looks wonderfully decorated and it’s great to see you working alongside Bethany and Freddie. Did you have a great day?

Ayrton and Euan– Wow! That is an amazing find. It looks like you are really enjoying being detectives and I can imagine that your dad is enjoying it just as much as you all are. You must bring them to school when we get back.

Julian, Luica and Bella– What colourful decorations you have all made and I bet they were admired at your social distancing street party with your neighbours.

Philippa– What a make-up artist you and Beatrice are! Your mum looks gorgeous. It looks like you had the best VE day party ever and even your dad got into the swing of it. Brilliant.

Lots of love to you all.

Miss Somerscales xxx


I can see you have all been busy and celebrating 75 years since VE Day in lots of different ways.

Lucy, what can I say other than that I absolutely love that poster! A super job!

Bethany, well, I managed both the things on your poster – we had a picnic on our driveway and then raised a glass as well.  We watched Churchill’s speech from 1945 too, did you? Your Union flags look absolutely super!

Sophia, your hair looked absolutely amazing on VE day – well done Mum! It looks like you have been having lots and lots of fun this week and that VE Day poster is incredible!  Well done!

Charlie, you have been having fun haven’t you?  That sponge sounds tasty! I hope you enjoyed the war time classics!  I love the work timetable on your board…I made both my boys timetables to help them get organised with their work too!

Ethan, what finds you have come across in your garden! You are very lucky and that metal detector looks like it will give you hours of fun! Tea looked good in the garden too!

Beatrice, wow ladies! You all look stunning.  It looks like you had lots of fun in the sun on VE Day. You never fail to make me smile with your antics!
Continue to stay safe everyone,

From Mrs Smith


Hi boys, it looks like you have had a lovely week playing in your pool (I definitely need a pool like yours) and I’m loving the fact that you have incorporated a bit of capacity week while you play.

Charlie, great minds think alike when it comes to baking a raspberry sponge cake as my daughter also made a raspberry sponge and like yours it was delicious. What a super idea to have a PA system playing war time music while enjoying your V.E day picnic in your front garden. Well done boys, keep the pictures coming as I always look forward to seeing them every week.

Well done Lucia, Julian and Bella on making your house look fantastic with all your decorations for V.E day. I bet Mummy made some yummy bakes for your street party.  I also watched Churchill’s speech which made me feel very proud to be British and to have served. I hope you all enjoyed celebrating V.E day as much as I did. Keep smiling :@}

Freddie it was so lovely to have switched my laptop on and to have seen you all dressed up in a 1940’s style outfit. You looked very smart. Well done on making V.E day biscuits and cakes, I bet they were yummy. I hope you enjoyed listening to the war time songs and had a fabulous V.E day party. Stay safe and keep smiling chicken :@}

Wow boys I was so excited to see your photos and couldn’t wait to read your write up. How amazing for you guys to have accidently stumbled upon an RAF button off a serviceman’s uniform and then to have found an oxygen mask connector. I am fascinated with military history and love reading about people’s finds and I cant believe you have found history in your very own back garden. Please keep me posted if you are lucky enough to find anything else.
Casper, super job making your V.E day bunting and River you are very strong to be able to hold that metal detector (it looks bigger than you are). I bet you guys had fun walking around the village spotting everyone’s V.E day decorations. I also made some decorations for my back garden and had a little garden party with lots of yummy food. Keep safe everyone 🙂

from Mrs Russell and Mrs Pollard


Lucy, your poster looks great. I like your drawings of the soldier and plane. Did you remember VE Day in any other ways? My family coloured some Union Jack bunting and hung it from the windows.

Philippa, your VE Day celebration plans look very exciting. Did you have a fun time? I didn’t manage to dance and sing on the day like you but did eat different treats such as jam tarts and cake.

It looks like you have been very busy with your decorations Bethany, Layla and Freddy. The bunting looks very cheerful and bright. It’s nice when you can get outside and paint in the sunshine isn’t it?

You have had a very busy week Sophia! Well done for completing your school work and managing to get lots of exercise with your bike ride. Your water bomb fight sounds like fun. Did you get very wet?

Charlie and Ethan, it looks like you have had plenty of fun whilst investigating capacity! Did you manage to splash about in your pool? I had a picnic in my front garden as well for VE day and it was nice to see my neighbours celebrating as well.

Freddie, your baking looks very tasty! Was it fun to dress up? You look just like a little boy from the 1940s. It looks like you were taking a lot of care with your colouring, well done.

Ethan and Euan, your discoveries whilst digging are amazing. I bet you felt very excited when you found them hidden in the ground. How did you work out what the objects were? It seems like you are looking after your plants very well River and Casper in your vegetable plot. What are you growing? Ayrton, your party food looks tasty. What was your favourite?

Ella, your VE Day bunting must have taken a long time to create. It is very neat, well done. The pancakes look very tasty and the colours that you used match your flags and your lips!

Bella, Julian and Lucia, your house looks very pretty! Which colours did you use? I bet you had an exciting time sharing your celebrations with your neighbours at the street party. I enjoyed seeing other people in my street too.

Beatrice and Philippa, your VE Day celebrations look great fun. It looks like you got into the swing of it with your fantastic costumes and make-up.  Was it hard to style your hair? I bet Philippa made a great quiz master!

From Mrs Cook