A Message from your Teacher…week 6

Dear Children,

I get so excited when I drive through the villages on my way to school or on my way home and see your smiling faces- I am sorry if beeping my horn at you gives you a start!!!  I don’t think I will ever complain about noisy corridors again!!!

You all seem to be making the most of outdoors with dens and planting and cycling. In school we are getting ready for VE 75, hope you are too. Keep a look out!!

You have all been extra busy this week, working on challenges and school work, making memories, keeping fit and being happy. Fabulous.

Bethany and Layla, your projects look brilliant- I love the way you have presented them.

Isla and Addie running your marathon- a bit at a time- and hopefully seeing those blue tit eggs hatch. How exciting- please please show us a photograph when they do.

Arabella the photograph of you flying as a superhero is joint winner of my ‘best photo of the week’ competition! The photo of Ella jumping over 14 loo rolls is the other winner (where did you find 14 loo rolls Ella??)

Camilla and Eleanor I love the idea of our Enterprise Market- You have given me an idea….I wonder if we can sell things online this year???

I like the idea of your family scavenger hunt online too Charlie and Elliott– you have given me another idea. . . . . Thank you.

Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper and River I am so pleased you are getting ready for VE75. You will be able to have an amazing garden party in your garden.

Lucia and Bella I thought you were really cutting daddy’s hair for him- then I saw his smiling face and realised you were pretending!!

Two more isolation birthdays celebrated this week. Happy Birthday Julian (and Gwenno!) I think we need a big party when we get back to school for everyone who had a lockdown birthday.

Isabelle what an absolutely lovely idea to donate your piggybank money to the air ambulance. They do an amazing job and will be really grateful for your donation.

Once again a huge thank you to you all for taking the time to contribute to show and tell and to send us pictures of what you are all doing with work, play and the challenges. Mrs Storey always sends the pictures through to all of the staff family each Sunday morning and we all look forward to looking at them with our cups of coffee! Don’t forget that next week we would like photos of your VE75 celebrations.

Stay safe and happy

With love

Mrs Murray


Wow everyone, it looks like you have been really busy this week.

Layla and Bethany, you must have been looking after your plants very carefully as they are beautiful! You have tried very hard with your information writing about the Queens Layla, well done. I like your picture as well. Have you managed to see the stars in the sky that you have written about Bethan?

Arabella, your Supergirl costume is fab. Can you fly yet? Your chocolate cake looks delicious and I love the decorations! I have been baking as well this week but my biscuits didn’t look as good as that. I could have done with some of your sparkles. Eleanor, your Aquabead models look great. How much do they cost each? It must have taken you a long time to make all those.

Boys you have been working hard this week! Ayrton and Euan, the VE Day decorations that you have been busy preparing look very bright and colourful in your window. Ethan, you must have spent a lot of time in your greenhouse to grow all of those vegetables. Have you had them for your tea yet? River and Casper, I wish I had your energy! My daily walk is a lot slower than yours.

Sophia, I think I need to have a pj day too! They look fun. It looks like you have been to some very pretty places to take your daily exercise. Nice weather makes it even better.

Julian, your birthday cakes looks very yummy. I am glad you had a good birthday and managed to have a party.  Lucia, I have never seen a daisy like that before. You must have been looking carefully in the grass to find it. Bella, your Dad’s hair looks good. Did he let you cut it?

It sounds like you have been very kind this week, Isabelle in thinking of others and donating money to charity. There are lots of people at this time who need our support and I’m sure they appreciate your thoughtful attitude.

Charlie and Elliot, I quite like walks in the rain and it looks like you do too. Did the volcano erupt? I bet you enjoyed seeing your family on the scavenger hunt. It’s nice to see familiar faces isn’t it?

Isla, you must have had to work very hard to sew for your dolls. Well done. Do you think you could sew them some clothes? Addie, it sounds like you are having an exciting time seeing the bluetits. You must have a big bird box to fit 10 eggs in it!

Ella, you have been very busy! I think that it’s a very good idea to have a careful look at the nature around us while we’ve got some time. Which is your favourite photograph?

Mrs Cook


Hello supergirl Arabella, wowee what big jumps you can do, Mr Marsh will have you in the high jump competitions for sports day. You’re doing lots to keep fit and having lots of fresh air out biking with daddy again, I’m really impressed. Oooh scrummy chocolate cake, it looked delicious. You all keep doing lots of fun things and l look forward to seeing what you’re all up to next xx

Hello River and Casper, how are you? I can see you have been drawing pictures ready for VE day boys, I am impressed, they look really good, decorating your front window. My word you’re running so fast now, l think you could beat Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell, well done xx

You have had another busy week. It looks like you are all keeping daddy busy ha-ha. I think you have grown Bella: your legs look longer. I love that you’re all dressed up. You all look fabulous. Was Julian’s cake yummy? It looked very chocolaty. I need my hair doing and l see you and Lucia have become hairdressers, please can you do mine? xx

Isabelle, it is wonderful what you are doing, donating your pocket money to the Air Ambulance. It helps people so much and that means you’re helping people too by donating. Grandma is very kind too and she is right, it is a good cause. Take care xx

Hi Elliott, well it looks like you’ve had another busy week, having long walks through the fields and around the village. You and Charlie have done a lovely rainbow for key workers. I’m pleased to see that you have been using zoom to talk to your family, Mrs Pollard has been learning to use it as well but it has taken me some working. Charlie’s volcano was amazing, well done xx

Addie, l love the picture of your cat joining you while you are busy doing some school work, did he help give you the answers? The cake looked really delicious, lots of jam and cream just how Mrs Pollard likes it, Mrs Russell too l would think! You’re doing very well, out running mum with your walking, l bet mummy has to walk with Raffi though, doesn’t she? It’s wonderful to see that you have a camera in your bird box filming the Blue tits and so many eggs. l hope we will be able to see them hatching soon and maybe show in class when we do come back to school xx

Stay safe love from Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell xx


Bethany and Layla you are doing really well with your flowers….much better than me when I try to grow anything!

Arabella I’m sure you won’t need to spend much time practising being a superhero! Eleanor and Camilla your Enterprise work brings back many happy memories for me, well done girls. One question, how is Camilla taller than Eleanor? (sorry Eleanor!)

Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, River and Casper it has been another busy week for you boys. Fabulous VE Day art work! I am delighted to hear about you trying to beat your PB’s from running club….I too have been working hard on my PB for my 2.3mile block near my house. Well done to River and Casper for joining in too!

Sophia I also found it tricky getting back into school work…I have also had lots of pj days! Well done on staying active and happy 10th birthday to Gwenno.

Lucia, Julian and Bella it looks like lots of fun in your house, I’m not sure I would want to be daddy having a seat at the hairdressers though! Julian I hope the lockdown didn’t spoil your birthday? I also had a birthday last week……I actually quite enjoyed it.

Isabelle what a thoughtful, caring girl you are. Huge well done for raising all of that money for such a worthy cause.

Charlie and Elliott it is great that you are enjoying being active, even in the rain! That picture of you at the school gate makes me miss it even more.

Isla and Addie well done for running a mile a day for 26 days. My brother and dad once ran a mile a day for a whole year, they were very fit by the end of it!

Ella you are always so busy! I love the idea of creating your own PE activities…maybe you could be my assistant when we return to school.

Mr Marsh


Well, again, I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your fabulous show and tell photographs.  You all seem to have continued working hard, enjoying the outdoors and baking.  That just about sums up my week too!  We had a family walk to Wrawby Post mill this weekend and I couldn’t believe I had never been before despite living here for nearly 14 years! We are definitely getting a chance to explore our own localities during this lockdown.  I also baked the most delicious chocolate chip cookies and I promise I will bake a batch for you all when we return to school! Keep staying safe and keep well and happy.

Love from Mrs Smith

Bethany and Layla, that project work is excellent, well done both of you.  The sunflowers are growing really well, it might be that lovely sunny spot you have found for them and you must be very good at remembering to water them. Well done!

Eleanor, Camilla and Arrabella, you have been busy again!  I love the outfit Arrabella! That chocolate cake looks delicious Camilla and those bead decorations are excellent girls.  I am so impressed you are thinking ahead to Enterprise. What superstars!

Boys, what another busy week you have had!  That art work is superb and looks very impressive in your window – people will enjoy looking at it as they walk past on their daily exercise. I am pleased to see you all enjoying your running – you’ll be beating everyone when you come back to school! You have continued to be busy growing, making and creating – well done!

Sophia, you have continued to work hard and enjoy the outdoors with your brother and your dog.  I bet your dog is enjoying having you at home. Happy birthday to Gwenno!  I am pleased you enjoyed the PJ challenge and that you have been so busy.  I must put a walk round Barrow Blow Wells on my list for after lockdown.

Lucia, Julian and Bella, it looks like you have been very busy!  Happy belated birthday Julian – I hope you had a lovely day with your family. Lucia, I love that daisy – what a find! And you all look fabulous in your costumes.

Isabelle, what an incredibly thoughtful young lady you are and how nice of your grandma to increase your amount to £100.  I am blown away!

Charlie and Elliott, I love that you are still enjoying your daily walks even in the rain – my eldest went outside because it was raining yesterday! That volcano is impressive Charlie – well done! But that picture of you outside school…it has made me long to go back!  I hope we all get to go through that gate again soon!

Isla and Addie, what a super idea to do a mile a day for 26 days! I love that you have a camera in the bird box and can’t wait to see what you capture when they hatch!

Wow Ella, as usual lots of fun and activities at your house.  Your mum is very right to be proud of you – you are working so hard on so many things and making the most of this time.  We can definitely make use of those washing-up skills at school!


Hello everybody. Another week has gone by and it looks like you have continued to have great fun and also do some of your school work which is very impressive. It’s lovely to have a peep into your lockdown life at home when you send your photographs in and it also give me some ideas on what I could do if I have any spare time! I might try the photo a day challenge that Ella is doing! Mind you I quite fancy doing a bit of knitting like Isla and make myself a back pack for my school books. It’s so fantastic to see you all enjoying the great outdoors and noticing all the wonderful things that are happening around us like the unusual daisies, birds nesting, flowering plants, woodland nature and enjoying the rain. May certainly is the time to be a nature detective!

with love

Miss Somerscales