A Message from your Teacher…week 5

Dear children,
Are we really in to week six of the lockdown already? That is as long as a summer holiday!
This will be the longest time we haven’t seen each other since you all started school so your pictures and your news updates help us all to feel connected and part of the same family. Keep them coming. 
I am not surprised you all made the most of the gorgeous weather last week. I am glad you did as it is not quite so sunny today. Millie set herself up in the garden and we worked outside together!!
The teachers have been impressed with all you have done. Some of you look to have done more work at home than you do in school!!!!
Freddie I am just so impressed with the projects you sent in- you are clearly an electrical whizz- I need to borrow you for our camper van!! And your stock car racing report- brilliant- I loved the history of the three areas you picked.
Ella just Wow!! What a lot of work you have completed. I love your bobble box hair style- some days lock down can make you experiment with bizarre looks as you know no one will see you!!!! I am letting my hair go its ‘normal’ colour- like many of your mums. . . . . . . .
Time with brothers and sisters looks like something you are all enjoying- when you have your friends to play out with they can be boring but if they are the only people you have got then siblings become worth their weight in gold. Gordy looks like great fun and good company too Ella. Henry and Sophia look like they are enjoying bike riding and Joe Wicks too. Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper and River I am not surprised you have spent lots of time outside- your ducklings are so gorgeous I would want to be out there with them too. Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor– biking and dressing up together- I wonder if you are always such good friends together- I hope so. (Camilla I love the hot chocolate and biscuits with school work- do you think we should have this every day when we come back to school?) Charlie and Elliott look like they are always busy together too-making hugs for grannie and grandad- it is so hard when we are missing the people that we love isn’t it- I think I can guess what a hash tag fire is boys but I hope you can tell me- boys could you draw me some instructions please??
Isabelle you might not have anyone to play with but climbing trees is just the best thing isn’t it. Did you see the photo of me climbing tress in show and tell?
And Spencer bear..I am very proud of you for keeping up with your reading. Good Bear but please and go steady on the Beer!!!
Once again a huge thank you to you all for taking the time to contribute to show and tell and to send us pictures of what you are all doing with work and the challenges. Mrs Storey always sends the pictures through to all of the staff family each Sunday morning and we all look forward to looking at them with our cups of coffee!
Stay safe and happy
With love
Mrs Murray
Hi everyone
Its lovely to see how hard you are all still working and learning new talents in so many areas. Love to see some of you baking, that’s what I keep doing but then unfortunately I eat it all. I’m so pleased that you are also spending time outside just enjoying the lovely sunshine we have been having.  So proud of you all.
Love and miss you all, take care.
Lots of love fro. Mrs. Stothard xxx

Wow girls you have had another busy week. Eleanor baking, looks like a yummy chocolate cake your making? Your dressing up looks fab, l love your costumes, Mr Pollard thought Arabella looked like a little doll haha. I can see Camilla, that you have been out on your bike with daddy and Arabella like the Queen riding on the back just enjoying the scenery .  The ducklings and their mummy were enjoying a swim in the river, cooling down. Mrs Russell and I are keeping busy at home doing lots of jobs, but will be pleased to come back to school to see all your smiling faces xx

Casper and River,  oh my word Mrs Russell and I were surprised to see how fast your ducklings are growing, you must be feeding them lots of food?  You have been busy in your garden, it looks like you have some houses for your chickens or are they to keep the ducklings safe? I can see that your having fun blowing lots bubbles in the sun, Euan looks to be enjoying the sun too.  You carry on having  lots fun and taking care of those ducklings xx

Isabelle, the forest looks amazing and your standing in a tree trunk, its nearly as tall as you. It looks like your having lots of fun and of fresh air outside. I can see you have been working on your creation handy work, what a lovely vase for your flowers.  What have you been making, is it bread or playdough ha-ha? It looks really good fun, all squishy and squashy. Mrs Russell and I hope you will have some lovely creations to show us soon xx.

I can see Elliott that you have been making a den again, an impressive “Forest School”. I hope you helped Charlie to collect his things to make a hash tag fire. Mrs Russell and l were impressed with your space jigsaw, it’s amazing, did you do it altogether or just you and Charlie? What a big caterpillar, l had to have a really good look at it, it is so big, it made me shiver eeek. You have another good week ok mister xx.

Miss Somerscales, Spencer bear has been so busy helping you this week, I hope he got a helper’s sticker and some merits? xx

From Mrs Pollard & Mrs Russell

Wow Freddie, I love your electrical project (especially as I’m your science teacher!). I am jealous of your solar panel on top of your van, what a great idea. I also like the sound of the family quiz, I bet it was good fun?
Ella you have been so busy….I can’t keep up! You have been very active but also found time to treat yourself with lots of baking (I won’t comment on the ‘swirly’ one). I wish I knew how to play chess!
Sophia I am very pleased to see that you have been active….2 balls at the same time?! You will be joining the circus next year. I also like to see our ‘old’ friend Henry appear on your pictures!
Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella I am missing your smiley faces. Well done getting dad out on a bike ride…Camilla is your basket to carry all the energy snacks? Mrs Marsh has a basket on her bike which is great for carrying my newspaper back from the shops. Also Camilla is that a hot chocolate and a biscuit?! You look like Mrs Marsh completing her crosswords. Eleanor I like how your mixer matches your t-shirt! Arabella don’t stay like that too long, we will all be FROZEN!
Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, River and Casper I think it is great that you are spending lots of time outside….lots of outdoor learning happening for you boys.
Isabelle I am also loving going for long walks, I have been warned not to climb trees anymore though!
Charlie and Elliott lots of outdoor learning for you too! I can definitely see you as a ‘youtuber’ Charlie, you’ve certainly got the computer skills. I bet that grannie and grandad needed those hugs!
Spencer Bear I know all too well about Miss Somerscales working her staff hard! Haha. I feel your pain. You look cool with your sunglasses and beer….you are a small bear for 18 years old though Spencer!  
Mr Marsh
It looks like you have all had another busy week and I am loving the mixture of fun in the sun, baking, learning new things, jigsaws and of course, school work! 
 Freddie, you know I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your projects and have learnt so much.  I am pleased to hear your mornings are spent working hard and your afternoons having fun.  Perfect.
Ella, you have been so busy and as usual, I love all the fun, original ideas!  I love the trick shots but most of all, I love the icing of your cakes!  Keep up the fun and both indoors and outside! 
Sophia, I am loving all the sporting activities and of course spending so much time outside.  It’s great to see you enjoying being out and about with Henry.
Eleanor and Camilla, those ducklings are incredibly cute.  It’s great to see you are making the most of the sunshine. That baking looks delicious Eleanor and Camilla, I think a hot chocolate and a biscuit would definitely make our English lessons better in school, don’t you? 
Boys, what fun you are all having with those ducklings!  They have grown so much and I can’t wait to see hoe much they grow before next week’s show and tell. 
Remember me when you are a famous Youtuber Charlie! The den looks great and I am jealous of smores…I absolutely love smores! That is a fab jigsaw too, I am feeling inspired and may get my next jigsaw out too. Keep having lots of fun! 
Spencer bear, I wish you were helping me at my house as I’ve still got 5 fence panels to paint. Keep helping Miss Somerscales, what a kind bear you are. 
Mrs Smith
Hi everyone,
Wow! You all look like you are keeping busy and enjoying this lovely weather. Fingers crossed the sun keeps shining.
I have been busy baking, painting and my boys have got me cycling 7 miles everyday! My poor legs!
Camilla– tea and biscuits while doing school work should be the new school rule. Do you think Mrs Murray will agree?  I hope so!
Euan and Ayrton your baby ducklings are soooo cute!
Spencer Bear looks like he’s been busy at Miss Somerscales house. Maybe he needs to visit my house for a rest!Miss you all, keep busy, keep safe,
And keep smiling
Love Mrs Hogan