A Message from your Teacher…week 4

Dear Children and your families,

Week two of the Easter holidays looked very much full of Easter creativity, chocolate eating, cake making and walking in the country side enjoying fresh air with your families. Just Perfect.

Sophia I knew you would be on horseback at some point- lucky Gwenno. Happy birthday to Henry and please please can I know how to make those authentic Italian pizzas. Millie and I made some last Friday and whilst they tasted fab they didn’t look authentic like yours.

It looks like Eleanor had a lock down birthday too. I do hope you had lots of fun- that den of straws looks amazing Camilla, did you and Arabella manage to get out without breaking it?

Your Tarzan swing looked amazing- do you think Mrs Murray would be able to swing from it??  (possibly not after all the lock down eating she has done!!)

Charlie and Elliott you make me want to camp in my garden, although I would probably prefer to sleep in my old camper van with my old bones!!! Toasted marshmallows though, yes please!!

I think we will be able to get lots of handy jobs done when you all get back to school: we can ask Lucia and Julian to help with fence painting now they have helped daddy so brilliantly

And you lucky children with lambs and ducklings!! Just wow!

Beatrice and Philippa I really am not expecting you to do much work at all- how many children can ever say they bottle fed a lamb in their own kitchen?? I am so jealous. And Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper and River – Ducklings in your bath!!! What a wonderful experience. Photos of the duck pond when you have finished it please.

Take care this week and as we start the summer term remember to make lots of time for each other, keep busy, keep smiling, keep safe and keep reading!!

Love Mrs Murray


Hello Children.

The beautiful weather has continued again this week and like you I have made the most of it in my garden, planting shrubs, mowing the lawns and painting my garden gate. Spencer Bear has been busy too, filling the bird bath, feeding the hedgehogs and helping me do my school work. I love looking at everything that you have been doing so please keep sending the photographs.

With love Miss Somerscales & Spencer Bear x x

Philippa you really are the young vet looking after a lamb at home in your garden and Beatrice looks like she is your veterinary assistant feeding it! The Easter Bunny left a very nice calling card this year and I’m sure some delicious chocolate eggs.

Year 1 child your fancy dress costume is brilliant that you wore during your workout with Joe Wicks. It looks like you and your sister have had lots of fun making those gingerbread men. Were they tasty?

Lucia, Julian and Bella I am missing you lots too but it looks like your dad has been keeping you very busy painting the gate . It will look rather smart when it is finished just like your lovely Easter window. What a great time you look like you are all having.

Euan and Ayrton are you still busy working in the garden? It looks like you are getting lots of things organised and looking smart. Can I see duckling in the bath? I hope you didn’t get in with them! It’s lovely to see that you have been working with your brothers Ethan, Casper and River.


Wow!  It looks like you are all still having fun and enjoying the sunshine as much as possible!  I have been enjoying a good walk everyday and playing lots of games with my own children.  We had a garden games tournament over Easter and yesterday we enjoyed a 10-pin bowling and pizza ‘party’ for Mr Smith’s birthday!

Sophia, you certainly look like you’ve been busy.  Your pizzas look delicious and I bet my homemade pizzas weren’t as nice as the ones you made with your dad.  I hope Henry had a great birthday and that Gwenno enjoyed her Easter treats.

Beatrice and Philippa, those lambs are so lucky to have you and you are lucky to have them to look after too.  I love the ‘helper’ on your Easter egg hunt. And Beatrice…I think you are a little bit bigger than a lamb – you crazy lady!!

Charlie and Elliott, it looks like you have had a great time and those toasted marshmallows look scrumptious.  I love that capture the flag course Charlie – what a great idea!

Eleanor – happy birthday for last Sunday!  Birthday presents and Easter eggs all on one day – what a lucky girl you are! It looks like you are all still having fun.  Camilla, I love that tunnel that you and Arabella are in.  Wonderful!

Ethan it looks like you are having a great time and being a really good help to your dad!  I absolutely love your salad bar and what a great opportunity to use tools and do all the practical things we don’t have time for at school.  Those ducklings are so cute and I can see why Ayrton is spending lots of time with them. I am loving that you are playing your guitar Ethan and I hope you’ll be able to bring it in and play us a tune when we all come back to school.

Keep having fun everyone and stay safe.

Mrs Smith


Elliott, looks like you and Charlie have had the best Easter week in your back garden. I can see from the photos you have been camping under the stars and toasted marshmallows which are my favourite. Charlie’s “Capture a flag” course looks really interesting and lots of fun and I hope you managed to capture that flag. Well done boys.
Bella you look like you have been busy, busy, busy this week with all your activities. Well done on helping Daddy with painting your fence it looked like loads of fun.  I bet your kitchen smelt delightful with all that baking you have been doing with Mummy.
What a fabulous photo of you and your brother and sister playing in the back ground with the village church in the background.
Your Easter window looks amazing and I bet its put smiles on peoples faces as they go on their daily exercise around the village.
Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell are missing you guys as well but keep doing what your doing because your photos are keeping all the grown ups smiling.
Arabella, I can see from your photos you have been keeping busy by playing in the back garden with your Daddy, sisters and your lovely doggy plus going on a family bike ride. Its always a bonus when the sun is shining and we can get out and have some daily exercise.
Have you been making a fairy garden? I would love to see the garden when you have finished designing it. Take care chicken.
Wow boys I cant believe you have been able to fit all your activities into one week.
River (I do hope its River :} ) you look like a proud big brother to your little duckling. I know you absolutely love taking care of your ducklings which is a lovely thing to see, I cant wait to hear all about them when we get back to school. Casper you have been working super hard by helping Daddy paint all of your fences, you must be an expert at painting by now.
I bet your gnomes look amazing all painted in your vegetable garden, I hope they aren’t getting into mischief though.
Well done boys.
Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell

It is great to see you, Gwenno and the rest of the family Sophia…the pizza looks delicious!!

Beatrice and Philippa I like your Easter activities and it really does look like you have had lots of fun in the sun! I love the fancy dress costumes for PE with Joe, I’m still going strong but starting to find the 9am starts difficult!

Charlie and Elliott the camping in your back garden looks amazing, capture the flag is such a fun game to play!

Lucia, Julian and Bella you have been very busy, I have painted my fence too!

Arabella, Eleanor and Camilla I love how active you are being…maybe you will beat your personal bests for running club when we return to school!

Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, River and Casper you look like you have been busy spending lots of time outdoors which is great. Salad bar and veg garden…so healthy! Good boy Ethan for trying to learn a new skill, I have considered buying a keyboard but Mrs Marsh isn’t keen on the idea!

Mr Marsh