A Message from your Teacher….week 3

Dear Children and your families,

I am pleased to see that the Holiday Show and Tell this week is all about having fun, growing things, baking and eating too!!

Bethany, Layla and Freddie your sunflowers certainly have perfect weather for growing- have you got one each to have a competition with? I am so pleased the sun has kept on shining and that you have all been outdoors too:

Charlie and Elliott those hearts and rainbows are a lovely message of support and gratitude for all the key workers who see them on their way to work, as well as brightening everyone’s days.

Anna, Lucy and Alex have been so busy constructing and decorating Buckingham Palace which must have taken a long time, letting off energy on the trampoline after looks great fun- you should challenge, Bethany, Layla and Freddie to a bounce off!!!

Isla and Addie that frog spawn looks incredible- I hope you get to watch it grow and change.

Isabelle spending the holiday in a Beer Garden sounds a wonderful idea to many grown-ups!! I hope you got the paint in all the right places!!

Take care and have a lovely second week of your Easter Holiday. Remember you are on holiday (till the weekend) but keep reading, and if you have eaten as much chocolate as I have you will really need to keep exercising!!

Love Mrs Murray


Elliott I can see you have been a busy little bee this week. I can understand how much you are missing hockey but keep smiling chicken you’ll be back on the ice in no time. I have to say I absolutely love your melted wax crayon art work and your finished product of the elephant spraying a rainbow is a fantastic idea and very different. I’m hoping when we get back to school you can be the teacher and teach us all how to create fabulous wax crayon art works and we can spread some joy around the conservatory.
Lucy do you fancy popping over to my house to clean my windows?  I can see you and Alex make brilliant window cleaners, well done guys. I am very impressed with your “Buckingham Palace” what a fab idea to use recycled materials from around your house. It looks like you guys have worked as a team to make the Palace a fab place for your puppets to live in. Lucy I can see you will be jumping for joy when we return back to school with all that trampoline bouncing you have been doing, it looks like you are all having so much fun. 
Adelaide you look so happy in your new surroundings, I can tell you love the outdoors and having oilseed rape fields just on your doorstep is amazing to explore in. You have brilliant spy eyes to have found a pigeons egg in your garden, how exciting! 
Did I see some home baked cookies on the stove? Yum, Yum, Yum. I am so proud of you for learning to ride your bike without stabilisers what a massive achievement, Well done chicken. 
Isabelle how lucky are you to be able to help your Mam get her beer garden looking lovely for the summer. You look like you have a super time painting and jet washing. I must say I’m like you Isabelle when it comes to jet washing, I get everyone and everything wet within my jet washing area, but that’s all part of the fun :@}
From Mrs Russell & Mrs Pollard


Wow!  Everyone has been busy in the holidays.  I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter and that you were all able to get plenty of Easter eggs.

Spencer Bear, you have been busy; thank you for keeping our fish fed and I can’t wait to get in that new outdoor classroom when we get back.

Charlie and Elliot, I absolutely love the wax crayon pictures and I think I might even have a go myself if I can dig out my old wax crayons.

Anna, Lucy and Alex, it looks like you are having fun and how lucky that a butterfly landed on your Mummy’s present!

Bethany, Layla and Freddie, it looks like you are still having lots of fun and playing together well.  I have been clapping for carers and keyworkers too but I haven’t got the pans out – maybe I will this week!

Girls, I love a pond full of frogspawn! It will be exciting to watch the tadpoles come out and eventually the frogs won’t it? And, huge well done to Addie for riding your bike without stabilisers!

Isabelle, what a hard worker you are! Wonderful!

Let’s hope this nice weather continues so we can all enjoy our gardens and our daily exercise.  Keep the wonderful pictures coming-  I can’t wait to see what you’ve done next week.

From Mrs Smith


Hello everyone. I hope you have all had a lovely Easter weekend and eaten lots of chocolate like me! The weather has been beautiful so I can imagine that a lot of you got out in the garden. I certainly did with the help of Rosie my dog and Spencer Bear. Have another fun filled week. Love Miss Somerscales xx

Anna– Wow what a busy girl you have been whilst enjoying the sunshine. I don’t blame you making everyday a trampoline day as it is good exercise and fun. Buckingham Palace looks amazing and I would think that even the Queen would agree! It’s lovely to see that you are working hard with Lucy and Alex too.

Layla– What a brilliant idea to get the pots and pans out to make so much noise on Thursday nights to show that you are thinking about all the people who are caring and working hard to keep everybody safe. Could you hear anybody else in the village? I could in my village!

Isla– Baking again! Delicious! It’s always wonderful when you find frogspawn in your pond and even more exciting when you see them change of the coming weeks. You certainly look like you are fitting into life on the farm girls and I know you are going to LOVE it.