A Message from your Teacher….week 2

Dear Children and your families,

Well if we thought week one was interesting week two has been amazing. Thank you all for taking the time to join in our collective Show and Tell. It is so important for YOU all to keep in touch with what you’re all doing, but it’s just as important for US grown-ups too. The joy of being with you all every day, and watching you all grow up and learn is what usually gets us up each day so your photos and news help us too. Keep them coming!

We can’t believe what you have all been up to. In turn your photos and news have made us smile, laugh and cry, yes cry… some tears of laughter and joy but tears too because we miss you.

You all look as if you are having some fabulous times outside in the fresh air making memories with your families. This is so important. Often we grown-ups complain that we don’t have enough time to be with you all and now we have- Yippee!!

Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper and River your garden looks amazing- it’s like your own little Forest School.  I love your den.

Lucia, Julian and Bella shooting hoops with daddy- I hope you managed to get some in. Spreading happiness with decorating your windows and the road and thinking about others, just brilliant. Julian the photo of you covered in mud is my favourite of the week. I bet you will remember that feeling for ever- it reminded me of when I sat in a full mud bath once-REALLY!!!

Isabella scooting along the river bank and Elodie riding without stabilisers now-well done you two- I rode a bike on Sunday!!! I could probably have done with your stabilisers Elodie!

Ella spending time with your big brother looks like fun. I’m sure the tent in the garden seemed like a good idea at the time but I am not sure I would have braved a night out just yet, it gets very chilly.

Philippa and Beatrice I love your idea of getting dressed up for Joe Wicks- it’s very tempting to stay in your pyjamas all day isn’t it- I bet Mr Marsh is!!! I saw some girls on the internet who were dressing their mummy up every single day and choosing what she should wear and doing her make up for her too- do you think your mummy would play that game? Do send us a photograph if she does, and any other mummies who play along too !!!

Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor you have spurred me on to get my jigsaw back out from under the sofa! I have had to blow the dust off it but I shall send a photo of how far I get this week on the Staff Show and Tell (see below) Megan your scones look so delicious that I am going to have a go at this too- I haven’t baked in years. I am going to try cheese scones first I will try to take a photograph for you.

Sophia why am I not surprised you are making an Easter present for Gwenno- do you still get to ride every day? I hope so as doing things you love and that make you happy are so important when you are stuck at home.

I am delighted that you liked hearing Mr Marsh’s voice I know all the teachers were extremely happy to hear all of you and your news. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we are all back together again.

I have told all the staff that this week we shall be doing a staff Show and Tell- I have asked them all to photograph themselves doing something you might not expect them to be doing!!!! That might be fun.

Take care and have a lovely week. Remember you are on holiday but keep reading, keep exercising and don’t eat too much chocolate!!!!

Love Mrs Murray


Hi everyone would just like to say how much I am enjoying seeing all your pictures of the things you are doing. You are all working very hard keep it up you will all have so much to talk about when we get back.

Missing you all, sending love, Mrs Stothard xx


Hi Euan and Ayrton. What busy boys you are in your garden. I’ve seen you looking after young chicks, collecting eggs, playing basketball and chess, gathering sticks and hiding out in a wonderful den. What skills will you be using next week?

Is that you in that huge pile of teddy bears Philippa? It looks like you have had another busy week. Your lambs look like they are keep warm and being cared for in your families new shed. I think you could definelty be part of The Yorkshire Vet team in Skeldale! Who are those strange people you have been keep fit with?

Hello Megan. I can see you have been keeping extra busy this week. How lucky are your family to have a Robin decide to nest in grandad’s shed! Cheese and Citrus scones sounds delicious. I hope the sunflower that you took home from school will grow as beautiful as the one you have made. Sending a big wave back.

Wow Elodie. That’s brilliant that you can ride our bike without stabiliser as I know how bumpy your track is! There is no wonder that you have a huge smile on your face having achieved that.  What great recording of your boat investigation.

What a busy house you live in Lucia and Julian. It looks like you are having the best of time at home being creative. How thoughtful that you have decorated the road to spread happiness to everybody. When I drove down there it certainly made me have a big smile on my face. Keep having an exciting time with your daddy and mummy.

From Miss Somerscales


What super photos everyone! It was great to speak to some of you last week and hear all your news.
Ethan: Those ducklings are so adorable! It’s lovely to see how you’ve been playing with your brothers too.

Beatrice: Loving the lambs. What a costume for Joe Wicks dress up Friday! I hope you managed to have a super birthday too.

Sophia: Lovely carrot- Gwenno is a lucky pony. I am so pleased you enjoyed your chat with Mr Marsh.

Eleanor and Camilla: It looks like you are all having a super time and enjoying the outdoors too. You’ll all be expert artists when you return I think.

Ella: Wow – I love all the original ideas again- the basketball ‘hoop’ is my favourite! Keep having fun.

From Mrs Smith


Wow….it has been lovely looking at the show and tell! I have enjoyed seeing and hearing about all the exercise that has continued to happen, it has made me smile. I can see Isabelle on her scooter, Ella doing Joe Wicks PE and Beatrice, Philippa (and mum!) doing the dress up Friday PE with Joe – great commitment! I have also joined in with Joe and the nation but failed to dress up for the Friday session. Great to also see Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor running around their fields and having fun! Well done Bella, Julian and Lucia for shooting some hoops and keeping dad fit in process. I had a basketball hoop on my garage growing up and spent many hours in front of it working on my shooting. Sophia I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and catch up…I was relieved to hear that Gwenno was being looked after and that you had Easter eggs available to you (shush).

From Mr Marsh


Casper and River – Hi boys, my word you have been busy this week, doing lots of things outside in the sunshine. I can see your little ducklings that you told me about River, they are really cute.  Casper you told me that you were waiting for the eggs, I’m sure when they are bigger you will have lots of eggs. You’re having lots of fun climbing, filling up the bath for the ducks to swim in too. I’ve been outside too in my garden planting new flowers and chasing after my little dog. Happy Easter to you all.

Isabelle – Ooh Isabelle you have been doing lots of whizzing about on your scooter, you will be champion at it. I can see that you have been for long walks too along the river – I’ve been walking as well, with my little dog. It looks like you’re enjoying mam’s cake from the pub, yummy. Don’t forget Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell like cake too haha. We hope you have a lovely Easter.

Arabella – My word Arabella you certainly are keeping busy running about in the fields with your sisters. I love your pink wellies – will they fit Mrs Pollard and make me run fast like you? I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend.

Bella – Bella the drawings that you did with Lucia and Julian on the road were wonderful, so colourful and bright, I would think that everybody that went down the road that day and saw them would smile, making them feel happy. Going on your swing looked like fun and l bet you went really high knowing you, I had a swing when l was a little girl and l used to shoot up to the stars, really high. You have a fabulous Easter with your family.

From Mrs Pollard