A Message from your Teacher…week 16

Dear children and newly retired parent teachers,

You have no idea how much your pictures have helped all the staff, across both schools, through the last few weeks and especially this week, as we drew up and finalised the plans for September and waded our way through the guidance issued by the government.

Whether you’ve been teaching your little sister to ride, taking part in Pony Club events, tackling larger than expected jigsaw puzzles, walking in the woods with your family, or baking, it is wonderful to see you learning new skills, having fun and enjoying precious family time together.

So it’s officially the Summer holidays and that means all you wonderful parent teachers can step down from the role you have all filled brilliantly, and relax. Enjoy the next few weeks with your children, and if you can, buy yourselves an end of term drink or two- you have earned it!

We look forward to welcoming you all back in September but now is the time to relax, rest and have fun (oh, and READ).

Take care and keep safe,

With love from Mrs Murray xx


Hello everybody

What a crazy week it has been in school. All the staff have been sorting and clearing out the school ready for your return in September and you would not believe the things that we found that we have not seen for years! The Year 6 bubble went on a long walk around Kirmington and chatted all the way! The Year 1 bubble have had fun making ice sculptures with Mrs Somerscales and the Foundation 2 bubble have continued to look after their new growing area. I have to say that the Year 6 Leavers Picnic was the highlight of the week for me. To see most of them again with their families was truly wonderful and a chance for me to wish them and their families good luck as they go to their new schools and start a new school adventure. I will miss you all but do keep coming to see us when you can.

Lyla and Elisi – It’s great to see what wonderful things you have been up to over the last few weeks and as always you both have happy smiles.

Ella – You are becoming quite a baker! I hope you took a piece of your Victoria Sponge cake to Mamma’s.

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella –  What kind sisters you are to teach Arabella to ride. She looks like she has been listening to what you have taught her!

Sophia– You look quite the professional jumping on your horse Sophia. Clever girl.

To All the School Children- I would like to say a big thank you and well done during this strange time. You have tried your hardest at home with your school work and some of you have completed everything that we have asked you to do and more. Very well done. It is now time to put the school books away (unless you want to continue!) and enjoy your summer holidays. I will see you all again in September.

Have a lovely summer holiday everybody.

With lots of love

Miss Somercales xxx


Lyla and Elisi, it is wonderful to see photos of you on here!  What fun you have been having in the sunshine! Your lovely pictures have definitely brought a smile  to my face.

Ella, another fun-packed week and some amazing looking baking!  It was great to see you through the school railings this week too!

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella, again you have had so much fun!  I love seeing giggly faces best of all! Those pizzas look delicious!

Sophia, you have had another busy week too and I have to say that I absolutely loved your English picture that you sent!  You have continued to work hard and play hard this week so we are all very proud of you!

from Mrs Smith


Hello everyone. I can’t believe that the summer holidays start next week. Keep smiling!
Elisi and Lyla, you have very busy over the last few weeks! I can see that you have been learning a lot, not just with your school books. How does it feel to be the next superstar builders? It is nice to see that you have able to get out and about in the fresh air.
Ella, your baking looks delicious. Well done for measuring and following the recipe instructions very carefully. I’m glad that you are still enjoying your reading and following it up with that huge jigsaw. Good luck!
Camilla and Eleanor, your pizzas look very tasty. What are you favourite toppings? The broomstick racing looks a lot of fun but I bet that it is harder than running! Arabella, you look very grown up sat high on the horse. Well done for learning something new.
Sophia, I’m glad that you found things to do indoors this week. Your cakes look delicious and knowing exactly where the eggs came from is very special. Rainbows are very special aren’t they and spotting one still makes me smile. You look very smart and confident on your horse.
from Mrs Cook


Lylaand Elisi – What fun you have been having girls! I love your NHS chalking, very creative. It’s good to see you’re also joining in with Joe Wicks, whilst also learning construction skills and completing your school work! Well done girls 😁

Ella– another busy week Ella, especially all that baking! I’m also pleased to see that you made good use of the left over cream 😆

Eleanor, Camillaand Arabella– Well done on those pizzas, they really do look delicious. Arabella looks very happy on the back of your horse, and I love the photo of you all on your broomsticks 🧹

Sophia – It seems to have been a week for baking, the muffins and banana cake look very tasty, especially with the boy’s duck eggs! You look like you were having lots of fun with your animals and I can imagine you were very pleased to be back jumping at Pony Club 🐎

from Mrs Healey


Hello Arabella, well what a big girl you are learning to ride your pony, I am well impressed. You sit on it like a professional, your sisters have taught you well using brooms to practice with. At first l thought you were witches riding through the corn fields haha . Camilla those sweet peas look lovely, what pretty colours, they match your pretty dress – did they smell as good as they look? Eleanor making pizza with lots of toppings, they look yummy, it looks like you bought them from the shop. Well done girls.

Love from Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell xxx