A Message from your Teacher…week 15

Dear children and parents,
Your show and tells this week made for really lovely viewing. I’m so happy to see that you all look cheerful and well. I’m really pleased that you are getting through this tricky time with smiles on your faces.
Your mums and dads have all been brilliant being your teachers. We know that’s not easy an easy job!

Freddie what wonderful photographs. It’s so lovely to see what you’ve been up to, your model making is amazing and you look like you had fun in the pool.
Beatrice and Philippa you’ve achieved so much in two weeks. Your photographs look like a nature album – with bunnies, cats, birds, lambs and horses, it looks like a menagerie.
Jodie-Mae, those potatoes look scrummy. I’m so impressed with the maths that you did with them, and what a healthy looking tea. Fish fingers yummy. . thank you for my beautiful birthday card that you made me too!
Bethany, Layla and Freddy those drawings of flowers are incredible – I hope mummy is got them framed.
Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella you are all looking very grown up. It seems such a long time since we saw you, so glad to see that you’re also doing lots of baking and outdoor stuff.
Ella, I am so pleased to see that you’re enjoying your school work. Your flags look amazing. I will have to go and see what shape flag Nepal does have. Your air dry creatures look like they should be Pokémon.
Sophia, you are certainly getting the hang of plating Gwenno’s mane. That looks brilliant and so neat. I think your last photograph wins the award for photograph of the week. Was that a really quick hand stand that you caught well on the camera, or can you stay up there for a long time?

On a rainy day, and with only one week to go to the end of the strangest term of my 35 years as a teacher, I know that I am ready for the summer holiday. I bet you all are too. I’m sure you will be ready to put down the schoolbooks and have some rest and relaxation to build you all up ready for coming back in September when we will all be together again.. . and raring to go!
Our year six are getting ready to move on and we will say goodbye to them this week, or next, with our leavers picnics. I am sad that we can’t say goodbye in our usual way in a packed church with lots of singing and sharing of memories, both good and bad. We haven’t been able to have our usual farewell parties. It would be nice to think we could have these next year when things are getting back to normal, fingers crossed. Always looking on the positive side at least we have avoided the inevitable tears that some of us spend the last day in floods of.

Take care and enjoy your last school week of this academic year
Love Mrs Murray


Hello Everybody
It’s just wonderful that you continue to do some amazing things at home along with your school work. What brilliant families you all have with your grown-ups thinking of different experiences to engage your minds. This week at school would have been the school play where once again we would have made your families laugh, cry and feel super proud whilst you entertained them. As soon as we can we will entertain them again and get the school and local community spirit back in our wonderful school. We only have one week left until the Summer holidays so challenge yourself to achieve one thing you find tricky at school and master it!
Have a lovely week.
With lots of love
Miss Somerscales 


Hello Freddie it’s nice to see you again, and what a lot of things you have been doing since we saw you last. I bet it was really cool swimming in your pool when it was really hot, a good way to cool down. I can see that you have been using lots of energy, jumping on your trampoline with one your dogs, l bet you both had lots of fun? Your models that you have made are fabulous and it looks like your already to fly to the moon in your astronaut costume. I’m impressed that you helped daddy and learning to measure with a tape measure, what were you making? I think you have been very busy Freddie, well done.
Hi Jodie-Mae thank you for showing me how busy you have been in the Foundation garden, you have worked hard with Oliver, Mrs Russell and Mrs Hogan. The garden is looking splendid. I can see that you have been enjoying yourself digging and planting. It is nice that you could pick the potatoes and take them home to eat for your tea, they looked super yummy. I was very impressed with your counting and sharing, very well done. Mr Marsh will be impressed too I’m sure.
Arabella you have been practising your tripod grip, l can tell by the way you are drawing with your pencil, you look so grownup, like a real Reception girl 😀. Your elephant picture craft was amazing he looked so real and the stars were shining on him, Mrs Russell and l thought his trunk was cute and those google eyes 👀.  It looks like your sisters have been very busy again this week too. My word the bread you have made looks yummy girls.
Take care love Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell xxx


Ella, I am so pleased that you enjoyed making the flags and learning about them too!  Well done for finding out which one was not a quadrilateral! I love your fossil making too.  Another thing I love this week is your monster and that he is a nice, kind monster!  Absolutely brilliant Ella!  Well done.

Sophia, it really looks like you have been keeping yourself busy this week and it was lovely to see you, Mum and Henry last week in the school car park! Gwenno’s mane looks fabulous – well done.

Camilla and Eleanor, well done with your super drawings this week!  I was very impressed and very pleased to see the finished pieces! You all look like you have been enjoying the outdoors as usual so very well done. Arabella is looking very studious in her photos!

Bethany,  I love that photograph with Layla and Freddy sitting on you – they do love their big sister! I also love all the lovely art work you have done this week – both the natural objects pictures and the close-up sketch of the flowers – super work!

Oh my goodness, Beatrice and Philippa, what a busy time you have had!  How exciting to have seen all those things when you were out and about.  I loved being able to wave at you all when you were on your horses! Keep up the incredible work and fantastic time you are having!

Jodie-Mae, I am pleased you loved your potatoes – I hope you managed to share them for Laina to enjoy too (looking at your plate, I think you did) – great maths work by the way!

Freddie, I love your show and tell and I especially love your rocket!  Wow!  (I love your dog too!)

from Mrs Smith


Freddie, it looks like you have been very busy lately. It seems like you have had lots of fun in space with your astronaut’s costume, robot and rocket. I can see that you’ve been keeping fit in lots of exciting ways, well done. Does your dog like bouncing on the trampoline too?
Beatrice and Philippa, it’s great to see that you have been making the most of the fresh air in so many different  and exciting ways. Your jam tarts look so yummy, I bet that they didn’t last long! It’s good to see that the lambs are still growing, it must be your careful feeding of them. You did very well to notice the baby rabbit in your field with all of the long grass.
Jodie-Mae, your treasure looks very tasty. What a good find! You have been very clever to work out how many everybody could eat. Well done.
Layla and Bethany, your flower drawings and nature pictures are very pretty and realistic. You must have worked carefully and looked in lots of detail. Well done. Freddy, why did you decide to sit on Bethany? It looks like you all had fun anyway. Your sunflower looks very impressive, much taller than mine!
Camilla and Arabella, it looks like you have been working hard this week, deep in concentration. Well done. Eleanor, the costumes have turned you all into very stylish witches! Your bread looks delicious. I bet it smelt lovely when you took it out of the oven.
Ella, you have been working very hard this week, well done. You have been very creative making flags, can you remember all of the countries that the flags belong to? Your clay monsters and picture are very imaginative. They look very cute. How many words did you manage to create using the phrase? I’m still finding them!
Sophia, your handstands look very impressive. They must have taken some practising. Gwenno will be enjoying all the time that you are spending together. Does she stand still whilst you are plaiting her mane (which looks very good by the way)?
from Mrs Cook


Freddie – What fun you’ve had, I love your home-crafted robot and rocket, they’re absolutely amazing. You also look to have a very special furry friend who is enjoying your company 🐶

Beatrice and Philippa – You have been super busy girls, having lots of outdoor fun combined with delicious-looking baking! Well done, keep enjoying yourselves 😆

Jodie-Mae – How wonderful to combine digging up potatoes with such wonderful maths work, well done! 👍

Bethany, Layla and Freddie – You’ve all created some wonderful artwork, well done, you should be so proud of yourselves. I also love your sunflower – mine always get eaten by snails 🐌

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella – What fun you’ve had once again girls. I wonder what your favourite thing to do is – You always seem to enjoy it all, even the maths! 😆

Ella – I love your flag work, and we are definitely going to try the ‘fossil-making’ idea at home. Lots of wonderful, creative work too, you are becoming a pro! 😁

Sophia – Another busy week resulting in a great handstand and a well-groomed pony… I definitely need some painting lessons from you! 😆

from Mrs Healey


Beatrice it is great to see you and your sister being so active as always! I am so pleased that you enjoyed the virtual Netball class. I haven’t ever tried yoga, is it good? Maybe I should give it a go now I’m getting a little older. Jam tarts and mars bar cake sounds yummy!

Bethany you look like you are having some amazing family time! That sunflower is huge…..must be nearly as tall as me, fab gardening skills!

Eleanor and Camilla you always look like you are having such fun and exciting family time. Thank you for the lovely gift delivered to school this week….I got my hands on the Wispa Gold so I was a happy Mr Marsh that day!

Ella it was lovely to visit you at home this week and sample your fantastic baking…it really kept me going during report delivering…thank you! I am impressed with your flag work…..did you know that the study of flags is called Vexillology?

Thank you Sophia for dropping some work off this week to keep me busy. It has been nice to see your Maths work! Super plaiting skills on the very well behaved Gwenno. Excellent form and tension in that handstand, well done!

Mr Marsh