A Message from your Teacher…week 14

Dear children and parents,

Can I start by saying thank you for my wonderful birthday messages, starting with the card which I picked up as I left school on Friday (thank you Laina).  On Saturday when I read the email with all your messages, photographs and good wishes, it made me cry very happy tears.
I had a lovely birthday weekend pretending I was at Glastonbury (I should have been watching Diana Ross!)

You all look like you have been busy once again And enjoying the sunshine. Today is very rainy but I am reading the last of your reports which is making me smile. Well done all of you.

Doesn’t the school look amazing? The children and the teachers have worked very hard, especially around the new gazebo. Thank you all.

Layla and Bethany, I love your dream catchers. I’m pleased to see that Bethany is no longer wearing the boot. No more accidents over the summer please and Layla, does the tooth fairy come during lockdown?

Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor, I am so impressed with your enterprise work! Your £51.50 for people at this particular time, will mean a lot. Well done all three of you!

I like your painted clock face Lily, it’s good to see you keeping busy.

Sophia – Doncaster Wildlife Park looks amazing. I looked at your pictures first and wondered how on earth you’d got a giraffe in your back garden? I bet you’re pleased pony club has restarted. Gwenno will be happy.

Ella your art skills have really come on during lockdown. I can’t wait to see a real live Ella drawing when we’re all back together again in September. PS: those water bombs look scary

Today the guidance was published for what we must do to make sure we are ready for everyone to come back in September.
We are all desperate to see you all back in school, by the end of next week I will be able to tell you all what September is going to look like and we are excited.

Hope you are too.

Love Mrs Murray


Hello Children

As you can see from the photographs of the school it was a beautiful week at Kirmington last week. Everything is growing quickly and the school is bursting with beautiful colours and fragrance in the front garden.  All the staff are working hard getting things ready for when you return and Mrs Storey is doing an amazing job keeping our school website up to date with your wonderful completed work and show and tell messages.

Layla– I’m loving the dream catchers that you, Bethany and Freddie are making. What a good idea to use recycled material to create something so beautiful.

Wow! What a lot of money to raise Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella. I like your idea of buying the food for the local food bank then donating it. Somebody is going to be very appreciative receiving your gifts.

Lily– It’s great to see you enjoying your crafty pack to make a clock. Did you make anything else with the materials you received?

What a busy girl you have been again Sophia. You certainly have had some lovely experiences since you have been away from school but it must be great to see some of your friends again.​ It won’t be long until you can see your school friends too.

Ella what a wonderful idea to give the money you raised to support the work of creating bee friendly environments in our communities. I bet you were thrilled to receive that gorgeous knitted bee.

Take care everybody.

With love

Miss Somerscales



Ella, what a great way to cool down in that hot weather we had last week!  I am pleased to see how good your drawing is and I am sure Mrs Somerscales will be pleased to see your super skills!

Sophia, you are keeping so busy and doing so much!  I am enjoying seeing you earning your keep by mowing the lawn! You would be welcome at my house with all your helpful skills!  Yorkshire Wildlife park looked perfect for a change of scene!

Eleanor and Camilla, your cards and gifts for Enterprise are super and well done for raising all that money and buying food with it all.  I love that you are still all enjoying the outdoors and those strawberries look delicious!

Bethany, I am pleased that you are now out of your boot but do still take care – probably no football just yet!  The dream catchers are super girls too.  I bet Dad loved his father’s day present – what a good idea!

From Mrs Smith


Bethany and Layla your dreamcatchers are very pretty and they would brighten up any room that they hang in. Well done for using recycled materials also. Freddy, I bet that you had fun in your paddling pool and the fresh air. Bethany, I am really glad that your ankle is getting better.
Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor what a wonderful way to raise money and help other people! Your crafts are very pretty and the strawberries look yummy. Did they taste extra nice because you grew them yourselves?
Lily, it looks like you have been very busy with creating your pictures. Well done. How is your practising at telling the time going? I bet that your homemade clock is helping.
Sophia, it must have felt really good this week to visit the zoo and get out and about again, especially in such lovely weather. Your sunflowers are growing well. Which one do you think will grow the tallest? Mine at home are on the short side but I’m hoping that they will have a growth spurt!
Ella, well done for completing the Art Hub series. Your Punk Chicken looks really good and you could use him and your other drawings in your very own cartoon strip. Your paddling pool looks fun, especially with the water balloons.
from Mrs Cook


Girls what a wonderful thing to do with your enterprise money, your so very kind and thoughtful. I think the people that receive these will be most grateful, well done. I bet those strawberries were tasty, you’ve done very well with those, did you eat as many as you picked or did you resist temptation, mmm l wander haha. I see a little person has taken to riding on her sister’s back, was it good fun Arabella? You look a bit mischievous 😄 Well girls we look forward to seeing those lovely smiles next week and seeing what you have been up to, take care.
Love from Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell xx


Hi everyone,
Well done for all your enterprise work and sales.
Hope the tooth fairy came to you Layla and Bethany so pleased that you no longer have to wear the boot and that your ankle is improving.
Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor, as usual you have been very busy and keeping active. How lovely being able to pick your own homegrown strawberries, hope you enjoyed them.
Lily you have been very busy with your arts and crafts and I see a homemade clock.
Sophia how lovely that you have been able to visit exciting places and your sunflowers growing so well. What a good idea to do and experiment to see which grows the tallest.
Good for you Ella using your pool to cool off.
Take care all of you. Much love from Mrs. Stothard xxx


Bethany, Layla, Freddy – I’m so pleased to hear that your ankle is feeling much better now Bethany, and a lost tooth Layla… how exciting! I love the Father’s Day gift, and your bookmarks and dream catchers are so creative, well done 👍

Eleanor, Camilla, Arabella – congratulations on raising so much money with your enterprise gifts, you must be so proud. How good did that first crop of strawberries taste?! 🍓

Lily – You have been so creative and look to be having so much fun, keep it up 😊

Sophia – What a busy week you’ve had once again. I think yours is the tallest sunflower I’ve seen so far, well done… it’s got a bit more to grow before it reaches the height of that giraffe though 🦒

Ella – What a lovely thank you from the Friendly Bee Trust, a great place to send your enterprise money. You look to have had lots of ‘water’ fun during the warm weather, the perfect way to keep cool 💦

From Mrs Healey xx


Bethany and Layla well done for your enterprise work, a dream catcher is a super idea! As I sit writing these comments it is raining outside…the sunny days seem a long time ago now. Bethany I am so pleased that you are on the mend….I need you for lots of sports teams next year!

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella well done for raising money for the food bank, how thoughtful of you! I hope the strawberries were nice, they are my favourite fruit.

Sophia it sounds like you have had a very busy week! I am jealous of your trip to the wildlife park. I enjoyed our chat before you departed for Horncastle! I am so pleased that you have had a go at some of the sports activities….don’t worry about being behind just pick the ones that you like the sound of.

Ella it sounds like you have had another fab week! Your drawing is super…much better than anything I can do. Well done for looking after the bees with your enterprise money…I currently have some bees nesting in my lawn (apparently they will move on soon!).

Mr Marsh