A Message from your Teacher…week 13

Dear children,

Doesn’t the sunshine make a difference? When we can get outside everything seems more ‘normal’ doesn’t it?

School seems a bit more normal with at least some children in it, but definitely not the same without all the usual fun and laughter. Especially at this time of year when we are usually knee deep in Enterprise making, Gang Show and School Play preparations and getting ready for our Leaver’s Services.

I am delighted and impressed to see how you have embraced Enterprise and raising funds for people not as fortunate as ourselves.

Max and Noah how amazing your Afternoon Tea by bike looked. Your planning and organisation looked amazing, and delivering them all yourself by bike Max; raising £50.00- so impressive. You absolute stars.

Ella you have been busy raising funds for Enterprise too. What a lot of ideas and schemes. I wish I could have booked for garden edging and the spa day- YES PLEASE!!

Isabelle did you charge mummy for helping with her maths on her VAT return? I hope everything added up for you both!

Bethany, Layla and Freddy -I love your duck designs- I hope your rabbit is enjoying this warm weather too.

Gracie, Emilia, Jessica, Aimee and Spencer it was lovely to see your photographs in Show and Tell this week. What a job mummy and daddy have had in keeping you all busy during lockdown, it must be like having a full Kirmington class- I bet they are ready for a rest!! The boxing looks interesting- But I hope it doesn’t give Mr Marsh any ideas for PE next year- I really don’t fancy writing that risk assessment.!!!

Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor your family bike ride looked great fun. As lockdown cake makers and birthday celebrators you might like to know I shall be making a lockdown birthday cake this weekend FOR ME!!!!

I shall look forward to washing it down with some Elderflower cordial- Sophia’s recipe has made me very tempted- but three pounds of sugar!! Eek.  I will need to start my lockdown healthy eating programme next week- none of my school uniform fits me anymore!! I am so impressed that you can canter Sophia and that you enjoy it too!!

Next week sees us into July and even though it seems strange at school we are getting ready for the end of the year- with report writing. We still hope that we can say goodbye to all of you year six children so that you get a proper end to your primary school time.

We are all busy making all sorts of plans for the Autumn term but, like you, we are so ready for a rest and some sunshine.

Stay Safe and Keep reading.

Love Mrs Murray


Hello Children

I hope you are all well and keeping super fit and healthy! Thank you for sending in your wonderful show and tell photographs again they really do show everybody what amazing experiences you are having at home. School feels empty without you all but when we all get back together again we can have some amazing experiences too.

Gracie, Emilia, Jessica, Aimee and Spencer– what a creative family you are.

Bethany, Layla and Freddy– I love Truffles. He looks very cuddly and soft.

Max and Noah– You have got to be the stars of the week raising over £50 during your enterprise week. AMAZING and fab idea!

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella (also dad & mum) – You all look super fit going on your bike ride along the shoreline.

Sophia– Wow are you cantering on Gwenno now!  That’s very tricky but impressive.

Ella– What brilliant ideas for your Enterprise week. Did you make a little bit of money?

Isabelle– I can see you are super excited to be back in grandma’s garden. I bet she was over the moon to see you.

Keep safe everybody and have a fun week.

With love

Miss Somerscales xxx


Hi Sophia, it was really lovely to see you, Mum and Henry. Thank you for stopping and having a social distance chat. I’m pleased to hear Salty is improving and settling. You take care, maybe see you again soon xxx

Gracie, Emilia, Jessica, Aimee and Spencer. Wow guys you have been keeping busy, lots of exercise, lots of creation and craft and even baking chocolate cakes, they looked delicious. I love your dog Stitch he is gorgeous, is that a birthday hat he has on? Spencer you have a fabulous car and your big Stitch, l bet he was a good passenger, he’s bigger than you mister! I can see you’re boxing with Aimee – mmmm I wander who came off best? Haha. I absolutely love your heart you have all shared in making, its ace, well done to you all, take care everyone xxx.

Max and Noah – Hi boys, well how are you all doing? What a lovely idea to use your enterprise week to make cakes and have a delivery service. Well done Max for getting the orders in with your flyers and delivering: very business like. Noah, it looks like you had a hand in decorating the delivery bags too, I can see a very blue design on the bag your holding. I think you have grown some, your arms and legs look longer, my word you will look like a reception boy when you come back and that lovely smiley face, we look forward to seeing that too xxx.

Hello Isabelle, you ok? My word what big jumps you can do, Mr Marsh will be having you doing the high jumps for future sports day activities if he sees this picture. Well done Isabelle for working on your math’s. I hope your mam kept going with hers, I’m sure you would have helped her if she needed it. I bet Grandma and granddad were really happy to see you. Say hello to Grandma for us next time you see her ok. You take care xxx.

Hi girls, ooh Camilla that milk shake looks yummy, all those sprinkles, I bet you enjoyed that! Did Eleanor whip up the cream for the shakes, was that her contribution and yours was drinking it haha? You’re both really good helpers in the kitchen, I’m sure mummy appreciates it. I’m pleased to see you all got out on your bikes in the sun between the rain showers this week. Arabella what good kicking skills you have, a good left footer.  Take care all of you xxx

Love from Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell xxx.


Gracie, Emilia, Jessica, Aimee and Spencer you have been busy! It looks like you have been keeping fit with your boxing matches. Spencer, you obviously wanted to win the match!  Your making and baking activities look very imaginative and yummy.

Bethany, I love the beginning of your story. It is very descriptive and thoughtful and makes me want to read more about the dragons. Layla, well done with your telling the time work. It’s a very useful thing to be able to do. Can you still remember the names of all the planets? Freddy, Truffles looks very happy to be outside playing with you.

Max and Noah, what a good idea! You have had to use a lot of thinking and effort with your baking business. What a great amount of money raised for charity. I bet your cakes tasted lovely as well!

Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor, it’s good to see that you have had more adventures outside, I bet all of that fresh air wakes you up. The football training looks fun your cooking looks delicious.

Sophia, what a busy week again! I’m sorry to hear about your hamsters fighting but am glad that Salty is feeling better. It’s nice to spot people that you know when you’re on walks or bike rides.

Isabelle, well done for working through your maths book. It looks like you have been enjoying your time outside, burning lots of energy off.

Ella, you must have been very proud of yourself seeing your picture on Art Club. Well done for all of your hard work. You have had some really good ideas for raising money for Enterprise Week.

from Mrs Cook


Well done ‘The Steads’! You have been having so much fun – which I never doubted for a second.  Has the sewing machine been out? Are you all getting along ok?  It’s lovely to see your photos.

Bethany, your work is super as always and I am pleased you have found plenty to keep you  busy with your poorly ankle. I bet Truffles enjoyed the sunshine!

Max and Noah, you’re both amazing (and so is Mummy).  I bet everyone in the village loved their deliveries and what a lot of money you have raised!  Super enterprising spirit!

Girls, what fun you continue to have!  It always looks so much fun in your house and on your fab walks and bike rides!  I can’t wait until I can get back on my bike again!

Well done on the cantering Sophia!  A super achievement!  The elderflower cordial sounds delicious too – I love the flavour of elderflower.

Ella, what another busy week you have had!  I love the idea of a spa day and that cake looks amazing! Well done you.

from Mrs Smith


Gracie, Emilia, Jessica, Aimee and Spencer – wow what a busy time you have had! It’s so lovely to see what you have been doing… boxing, baking, bridge-making, den building and so much more! Keep having fun everyone 😁

Bethany, Layla, Freddy – What super school work you have done once again, you have shown such dedication, well done. Truffles looks very contented, enjoying the warm weather and the green grass… what a cutie! 🐰

Max and Noah – You must be so proud of yourselves boys, what a fantastic idea, those cakes really do look delicious. I’m sure the charity you have chosen will be very grateful 🍰

Arabella, Camilla, Eleanor – such lovely photos showing your outdoor fun this week girls! You also look like you’re becoming professionals in the kitchen, well done 🥗

Sophia – you’re so brave to be cantering on Gwenno, I used to be so scared of doing that! I hope Salty is recovering now, I’m sure you’re taking good care of him. Your elderflower cordial looks delicious, I’ll be sure to try out your recipe 😋

Ella – an appearance on Olaf’s Art Club… what a celebrity you are Ella! I love your well-being work too, no wonder you used your baking skills for Enterprise Week. I would definitely pay extra for toppings on the cookie cake! 🍰

Isabelle – you always have a smile on your face Isabelle, even when you are doing maths! I’m not sure mum would be smiling doing VAT returns though 😫

from Mrs Healey xx


Gracie, Emilia and Jessica it is great to see an update from you this week. Lots of creative things happening and wonderful to see you boxing and keeping fit! One question though….who won the fight?!

Bethany I am very impressed by Fudge the duck and it’s key features….that made me laugh! I always love to see Maths going on, well done and keep it up!

Max….Wow! What can I say? You have had a fantastic enterprise experience, you have been creative and dedicated. I love how you combined the delivery with getting your hour of physical activity. I imagine customers were delighted to see you heading towards their house on your bike!

Eleanor and Camilla your pictures make me hungry and envious of your grass….lovely stripes!

Sophia how lovely that you visited William and Grace, I hope they are okay. How sad that you had to take one hamster back, I am happy that Salty is okay though! Lots more exercise which is fantastic and you got to see Mrs Pollard! I am jealous about the car show room….I imagine Henry enjoyed that?

Mr Marsh