A Message from your Teacher…week 12

What a busy fortnight of show and tell from all of you children. Sadly I have been off school for a week poorly, not with coronavirus, thankfully, but with a neck that won’t move! I have loved seeing all of your photographs and all of the work that you have done. It has been really wonderful having more children back in school, but it certainly feels strange and very different to the busy lovely places we are used to. We really hope it won’t be too long before we’re all back together again. You have all done incredibly well during the lockdown. We are all so very proud of you and your parents who have made amazing teachers. When we get back to normal we hope that some of your mums and dads will want to carry on developing their teaching skills, and come into school as helpers!

Lucy and Emily your crustless quiches look like something I would really enjoy and very healthy.

Isabel – A visit to McDonald’s? NO WAY! Mr. Murray went to get me one and I was very disappointed that they’re not doing my favourite strawberry milkshakes.

 Ella I love your best friend poem. Willow sounds a fabulous friend, and I’m googling art club with Olaf as that looks fabulous.

Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor yet another lockdown birthday with rather wonderful face decorations.

It will soon be the summer holiday. Hopefully the sun will be coming back so we can all enjoy outdoors. Fingers crossed more restrictions will be lifted and we can spend lovely days playing with at least some of our friends.

Take care, stay safe and keep reading,

love from Mrs Murray X


Hello Children

Who would have thought that we have got to the middle of June already and all SATS and Phonics screening tests would have been completed and we would have been busying ourselves making things for the Enterprise market.  As part of your home learning activities this next fortnight, we hope you can hold your own enterprise market or show at home as we know how much you really enjoy it.

Lucy: Maybe you and your big sister Emily could make some more delicious foods to sell to your family or neighbours!

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella: Can you think of something else you could make which would turn out as good as your flower arrangements with handmade vases?

Isabelle: How about you create wonderful cards to sell to your family then everybody can see your  drawing talent.

Ella: You are a girl with many skills so surprise us with some more idea for your enterprise market.

Have a fun and safe week everybody.

with love

Miss Somerscales xxx


Lucy, those mini quiches look absolutely delicious – I think we definitely need another Bake Off when you all come back to school so you can show off your new skills!  It is lovely to see Emily too!

I hope you had a super birthday Arabella!  It looks like you all had fun.  I love the face painting and walks in the rain are my favourite!

Wow Ella – another fabulous week of hard work and fun! Well done for getting a mention from Olaf for your super art work!

Isabelle, we had a cheeky Macdonald’s too!

It is lovely to see your super photographs as we all miss you all.

From Mrs Smith


Lucy and Emily – What a lovely picture you have done of your friends! I’m sure you’ll all be back together again soon. You both look like professionals in the kitchen, and the end result looks delicious! Well done girls 😊

Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor – What a fun week you have had girls! Lovely face painting and lovely flowers, I’m sure your neighbours were delighted. Happy birthday to Arabella… so many lockdown birthdays in your house! 🎂

Ella – What a special way to celebrate Best Friend’s Day, I’m sure Willow loved your acrostic; and a message from Olaf himself! What super work, well done! 😊

Isabelle – You have been busy Isabelle… lots of outdoor fun, no wonder you were ready for a McDonalds! I hope you enjoyed it 🍔

from Mrs Healey xx


Arabella – Good morning girls, well once again it looks like you have had a fabulous week, celebrating another birthday. Wow Arabella you’re getting a big girl now, a whole four Happy Birthday. Your Frozen cake looked lovely and yummy, what a way to celebrate, with face painting and confetti. Camilla you have hidden talents, flower arranging, I’m impressed. Your face paints are amazing, a very talented mummy. Mrs Russell and l are pleased to see you’re still doing your outside activities with daddy, well done.
Take care everyone

Morning Isabelle, you have had a busy few weeks, walking in the fields by the river, it looks lovely, I’m sure you have grown taller. It looked like you were having lots of fun in your paddling pool, was the hosepipe water cold? I don’t blame you a having a McDonalds, I bet it was good to eat?  I see you have been doing some lovely colouring for Grandad, he will be pleased to receive it I’m sure. And Pokémon, are you doing ok with them, are you still finding them on your walks? You take care and say hello to Grandma from myself and Mrs Russell when you next face time her, ok?

Love from Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell  xxx


Lucy it is lovely to see you appear with big sis Emily this week, I miss her smiley face at school. Those mini quiches look delicious….quiche is a Mr Marsh favourite!

Camilla and Eleanor your pictures are amazing, you always look like you have lots of fun at your house. It is great to hear that you are keeping active….even in the rain! The face paint looks very artistic, I’m not sure it would suit me though?

Ella I love your poem for your friend Willow, I bet she was so happy to receive it. Your art work is fab, how great to get a message from the artist himself!

Mr Marsh


Hi everyone, pleased to see you are all keeping busy and happy. Loved the look of the mini quiches Lucy and how nice that you made them with big sister Emily. I made some the other week , they are good.
I missed last week so I just want to mention Sophia’s Noah’s Ark it looked wonderful. You had taken your time and it was well worth it. Fabulous job I’m proud of you.
Keep happy and safe. Sending lots of love
Mrs. Stothard xxx


I just thought I’d give you a quick update on the music lessons.  Eleanor, Camilla, Beatrice and Philippa have all been working extremely hard and have made fantastic progress over the past month since having the lessons online.  They’ve put in a lot of time and effort so I thought I would let you know how well they have done so that you could pass this onto their teachers.

 from Mrs Claridge (music teacher)


Hello everyone. I hope that you are all smiling.
Lucy, your baking looks delicious.
Girls, your week looks full of fun. Happy late Birthday Arabella, you look very pleased with yourself now you are four! Camilla and Eleanor, your jars of flowers look very pretty and it was kind of you to turn them into gifts.
Isabelle, it’s good to see that you have been enjoying the outdoors in the sunny weather.
Ella, your drawings are really coming on, it must be all the practice that you doing. Well done. Best friends are important and your thoughtful poem shows that you appreciate people which is lovely.
from Mrs Cook