A Message from your Teacher…week 11

Mrs Murray sends her sincere apologies but she has been unable to complete her messages to you all at the moment and rather than delay the publication of the teacher message pages, has asked that they are published without them. As soon as Mrs Murray’s comments are ready, we will add them to the message pages and let you know they are there (it may be a few days).

In the meantime, she wants you to know how much she looks forward to seeing your wonderful photos and reading about what you have been doing each week. They really do make her week.

She sends her love to all of you and asked me to remind you to keep safe, stay alert and have fun ….. (oh and keep on reading).


Hello everybody

I can see that you continue to have great times at home and your parents are working hard to keep you entertained. Well done mum’s and dad’s. When we look back at all these photographs in months and even years to come we will all be amazed at what we have all achieved. It’s been a strange week for me returning to school with very few children in the classrooms. One day I know it will be full of buzzing brains, learning, laughter and good times.

Have a safe week.

Lots of Love

Miss Somerscales xxx


I must say that you have all been lots of creative things this week, it’s wonderful to see. Well done everyone.
Hello supergirl Arabella, it looks like you are teaching Brambles something really interesting, she looks like she’s really listening. She is a lovely dog. I’m pleased to see that you’re still going for your walks girls, even when it’s raining. Your wellies match your umbrella ☔️ Arabella, lovely and pink. I hope the rain will stop for a little while tomorrow so l can go in my garden and plant my new flowers.
It’s good to see your sisters are keeping up with their reading and violin lessons, well done girls. Take care.
Love from Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell xxx


Wow Sophia what busy week you have had! You are always so active, very proud of you. Well done for finishing your Noah’s Ark…it looks great! Do the hamsters have names yet?

Bethany I love your message on the back of your phone! Your positive lockdown list is very similar to mine….let’s hope the weather stays sunny for us.

Beatrice your baking is making me very hungry! Well done for keeping active with your regular bike rides, I am proud of you. I am also pleased that you enjoyed the athletics….I also took part in it with the year 6 children that we have at school.

Camilla and Eleanor I am happy that you are keeping up with your reading. I love that you can still access your music lessons online!

Ella your art work is fantastic, you are such a creative girl. I am so pleased that you have enjoyed Maths this week, your work looks neat and accurate. Try to keep your high standards! Also well done for keeping active….the Joe Wicks sessions seem to be getting tougher every week.

from Mr Marsh


Again, you all seem to working and playing hard which is fabulous!

Sophia, your hamsters are adorable! What are their names? I also absolutely love the Noah’s Ark you have made – well done.

Bethany, I love your positivity lockdown list and your positive message on your phone! And what artists Layla and Freddy are! Well done all of you.

Philippa and Beatrice, what a busy week you have had again!  I love to see those smiling faces and the lambs of course!  You are developing so many skills – sewing, baking…wow!  I wish I was as talented as you both!

Girls, what lovely photographs again.  I love the umbrella walk; it’s good to see that the rain hasn’t stopped you getting your fresh air! And of course, reading and music lessons fills me with joy too! Well done.

Wow Ella – how busy you have been again this week! I love all the work and activities you have been doing but especially the party you threw for your Mum and her three month anniversary as your teacher!  She must be doing a fabulous job.  I also bet you are so proud of your thank you card making on to the ward display.  Super well done Ella!

from Mrs Smith


Sophia – What a busy week having lots of fun. Your Noah’s Ark looks amazing, well done! I hope your hamsters are settling in nicely – I can’t wait to hear what you have decided to call them 🐹
Bethany, Layla and Freddy – You’ve all produced such beautiful artwork, I can see just how much work you have all put into it. I love your clock Layla, and I absolutely agree with your list Bethany! 🎨
Beatrice and Philippa – The photos of your baking are making me hungry, I can imagine you needed plenty to eat after your 9 mile bike ride! You’ve both been super busy by the looks of it, well done girls 🚲
Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor – More outdoor fun, I do hope you all jumped in those puddles! Eleanor and Camilla, you look like you’re concentrating really hard on your music lesson too, well done ☔️
Ella – You certainly have been very creative this week Ella, what lovely work, well done! ✂️

from Mrs Healey


It looks like you have all had very busy weeks this week, even though the weather hasn’t been as good as we’ve been used to lately. I like the way you have all used your time very well in many different ways. Remember, keep smiling!
Sophia, it looks like you have really made the most of the sunshine with your tea party and pool. I love your golden tea pot. It looks like something from Alice in Wonderland. Your Noah’s Ark model is fantastic and you must be proud of all your effort. Two hamsters will keep you busy and I’m sure that you will have great fun with your new members of the family.
Layla and Freddy your artwork is very and bright cheerful. It would cheer any wall up! Bethany, the message on the back of your phone is a very important one and you have thought of such a good place to put it. Good thinking as you’ll be reminded of it lots of times. Layla, your clock is great. I’m glad that you are learning to tell the time because it’s a very important skill that everybody needs to have. Well done!
Philippa, you’ve had a very busy week again! I would love to be able to look after the lambs and especially give them cuddles. You look very proud of your baking, and rightly so because it all looks yummy! I made some brownies at the weekend but I don’t think I’m ready for bread yet! Beatrice, you must be feeling very fit with all of the biking that you are doing during lockdown. Your sewing project sounds very useful if it will help to keep your bedroom tidy! It’s really good to hear that you are still both managing to have music lessons at home. Keep practicing!
Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor, it’s nice that you are enjoying the rain as well as the sun. Did you enjoy reading in the fields? It looks great fun. Not many people can say that they’ve done that before! As long as you’ve got a book in your hand, you can read anywhere. Well done for keeping you violin practice going. We need a concert when everyone can be together again.
Ella, your artwork looks great. Well done. You have worked very hard with all of your school work and I bet that your mum is very proud of you. Where in the world would you like to visit? Can you find it on your globe? It’s nice that you have been thinking of others this week with your card for the NHS and a party for your family. I bet that was a nice surprise to wake up to at the weekend.
from Mrs Cook