A Message from your Teacher…week 10

Dear Children,

Well half term is over and it looks like you all had a wonderful time.
The sun shone and you were together with your families- what could be better?

Camilla and Layla Happy Birthday to you both with your Lockdown birthdays- I cannot believe how old you are getting- I had to actually look twice at the candle on your cake Camilla!!

Lucy that tent looks fabulous. I am impressed that you camped out- in your kitchen with daddy- do you think he will be brave enough to try the garden next?

One of the loveliest things about the lock down is the way it looks like you have found great friendships with your brothers and sisters. I love seeing your family fun and laughter.

Layla and Freddy those bunkers look so interesting.

Arabella, Camilla and Eleanor– the photograph of you all running up the hill is my favourite of the week.

Sophia and Henry, if Mr Marsh starts asking me for metal javelins I shall know who to blame for putting ideas into his head!! The beach looks fabulous fun and Sophia I am so impressed by your equestrian skills- what next??

We have all been so lucky with the weather over half term. I hope it hasn’t made it too difficult to get back to trying with your school work- it is hard when the sun is shining outside!!

The daily FUN challenges will start again next week.

Take care stay safe and KEEP READING!
With love Mrs Murray


Hi Everybody

Half term flew by and we were blessed with some beautiful weather so I can imagine many of you were in your gardens, or went exploring the environment beyond your home. It’s been so lovely to see nature at it’s finest and have time to stop and admire it this year.  I hope you have another enjoyable home learning week next week with your family.

With Love,
Miss Somerscales  xxx

Lucy: How exciting is it to camp out inside the house! Did you and your dad get any sleep? Did your dog Ted join you in that comfy bed?

Happy Birthday to the two birthday girls, Camilla and Layla.

Eleanor and Arabella: The paddling pool looks great fun and also running through the meadow.

Bethany: What trouble have you got into now! I hope you are still managing to enjoy this lovely weather. Your brother Freddy looks like he loves exploring new places.

Sophia: Wow it’s tricky to mount a pony/horse so well done. Only your brother Henry would invent a spade Javelin Sophia!!


Lucy – What an adventure to camp out in your house! We thought about camping in our back garden but I’m afraid the nights are still a bit too cold for me yet! 🥶

Bethany, Layla, Freddy – Oh Bethany! I cannot believe you have done all that damage to yourself and yet we can still see your radiant smile! Wishing you a very speedy recovery.  Happy 6th birthday Layla, lockdown birthdays aren’t as bad as we think, are they? It sounds like you had lots of birthday greetings from afar. The weather has been perfect for the release of your butterflies. Freddy is looking very interested in them. How lucky for one to land on Bethany’s hand, I can imagine it tickled a bit! 🦋

Arabella, Camilla, Eleanor – It looks like you have had a lovely half term girls, roaming through the fields and playing in the paddling pool. You certainly look to have taken good care of Arabella. Happy 8th birthday Camilla, I imagine you had lots of fun celebrating together. 🥳

Sophia – You sound to have been practising hard with that mount onto Gwenno, Sophia… your smile says it all, well done! I wonder how long your bike ride was along the Ancholme Valley Way, it must have been great to see so much wildlife about. More beach fun too… good social distancing on that empty beach, although I imagine you might need an empty beach for Spade Javelin! 🏖

from Mrs. Healey


Hello everyone. You have all been very busy again this week and it’s lovely to see you all. Remember, keep smiling!

Lucy, your camp night looks very exciting. Did you help to put up the tent?
Layla, Happy Birthday for last week! It sounds like you had a special day. Bethany, poor you! I hope that your ankle and bruises aren’t causing you too much pain. Freddy, your exploring on your walks looks fun. What did you find?
Camilla, Eleanor and Arabella, it looks like you have been having great fun outdoors again this week. The weather has been lovely hasn’t it? Your pool looks great for swimming in. Camilla, Happy Birthday for last week! Your cake looks lovely.
Sophia, well done for learning to vault. Practise makes perfect! I bet that you were pleased with yourself. You must be feeling very fit with all of your biking and enjoying seeing lots of nature. Which is your favourite route?

from Mrs. Cook


Arabella – l just love your dress with the houses and fishing boats on, it is amazing. Do you think if mummy tells Mrs. Pollard where she bought it l might be able to find one to wear 🙊? It looks like you and your sisters have been enjoying the sunny weather, swimming in your pool and riding on a dolphin too. How good are Eleanor and Camilla helping you to stay on, well done girls for being fab sisters 😀. The corn is growing so quick, we won’t be able to see Arabella soon: she’ll be hiding in it! How lovely to able to run through it.
And Unicorn Camilla, Happy Birthday to you, what a very pretty cake, l hope you  had a lovely birthday tea.  Eleanor, were you doing party tricks or helping Camilla open her presents? Well girls, it’s quite late so l will say night night, keep busy doing your favourite things,
love from Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. Russell xx 🌈


What another exciting week it has been for you all!  This weather has just been incredible, hasn’t it?  I have loved seeing all the fun you are having.
Lucy, what a great idea to camp out in the house with Dad!  We have managed 6 nights ‘away’ (in the garden) in our caravan throughout lockdown and have loved it.  I hope you managed to have a good night’s sleep.
Oh no Bethany! No PE activities for you then now!  I love that you have all released your butterflies and that is a great picture of the one on your hand Bethany. I hope you feel better soon Bethany and Layla, a belated happy birthday from me!
Another lockdown birthday! I hope you had an amazing day, Camilla.  These are lovely pictures again and so many memories made together.  I love the photo of you all in the wheat field.
Wahoo Sophia!  Great vaulting on to Gwenno. You also look like you have had a lot of fun cycling and playing on the beach. Spade javelin sounds like a game I would enjoy…but probably not best to do at school when we are all back together!

from Mrs. Smith


And from some of our wonderful volunteers (we miss you all)……

Hi Lucy I hope you enjoyed camping with your dad.
Belated happy birthday Layla. Bethany sorry to hear you have broken your ankle, love the boot, my daughter in law has one on at the moment too. She has covered hers with dinosaur stickers.
Another birthday, this time Camilla, belated happy birthday, love the cake. All three of you look to be getting on very well.
Sophia you have been very busy. Lots of exercise I see and fun time with the family.

Missing you all but enjoying seeing your pictures.

Lots of love from Mrs. Stothard xxx


Just a quick message from Paul the school gardener. I have been busy planting lots new fruits and vegetables in the garden beds. We have also been given new garden beds so hopefully there will be enough space for all the children to grown their own plants. Have had help from my wife Grace, who has been planting sunflowers and sowing grass seed around the new outside classroom.
Hope you are all enjoying your own gardens in the warm weather and keep safe from Paul x


Mrs. Welch here! Just to let you know I am missing my mornings at Kirmington very much. Just as I was about to return after my broken wrist, lockdown began! We moved house the day it started! So I have been very busy getting house and garden straight. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again whenever it’s possible. Meanwhile keep reading!! Xx