September at St. Helena’s

It’s hard to believe that we have already been back at school for 3 weeks and the Summer seems a distant memory, especially with the amount of rain we have seen over the last few days. The children have settled back into school life with ease and we are especially impressed with Years 1 to 4 who have coped brilliantly with a crash course in swimming which saw them heading to Baysgarth Leisure centre, every other day for a 1 hour lesson, during the first two and half weeks of term.

We have several events planned for this term, starting with this Friday, 27th September, when the children will be taking part in an ‘It’s Catching’ activity in the morning followed by the MacMillan Coffee Afternoon from 1:45 p.m. in the school hall. The Coffee Afternoon has been organised by the School Council and any donations of cakes and bakes would be gratefully received on Friday morning. Adults can enjoy a slice of cake with either tea, coffee or juice, for £2.50 and children can have juice and a cake for £2. We hope to see you there and will be posting an update in due course.

Around the school, new display boards are already filling up with work produced by the children and the website will also begin to showcase the efforts of your children when our Young Bloggers begin to write articles about what has been happening in each of the classes. Eight year 5 and 6 children have joined the Young Bloggers and they will be responsible for ‘interviewing’ the teaching staff and then producing a short article with pictures of the activities in their assigned class.  These articles will be produced fortnightly and will be uploaded to the website, where you will be able to see what your child has been getting upto.



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