Private Kirmo stands guard

There have been many annual events, celebrations and traditions that have not been able to happen this year and not being able to have our usual ceremonies around both the Cenotaph and the war memorial in Kirmington, are two of the more poignant ones. This year the KS2 children have painted poppies onto slates which were then taken to the war memorial for display whilst the Foundation Unit staff have made this amazing display for the front of the school.

Resplendent in his camouflage jacket, Private Kirmo stands guard outside the front door and respectfully salutes the Cenotaph which is directly opposite and beside him is a tree, bedecked with hand coloured poppies, made by the children. More hand made poppies are fastened to a cargo net which has been draped over the hedging…

A striking display, I am sure you will agree.


KS2 Remembrance Slates



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