KS1: Anti-Bullying, Orienteering & Diwali

This week’s Blog showcases the work that KS1 have been doing and we hope you enjoy seeing (and hearing) all about it.

“This week in Key Stage 1 it has been Anti Bullying week and we have..

  • Made posters to show what bullying can look like and what part we will play to stop it happening.
  • Learn ‘The Kids are United song’.  https://youtu.be/c6hR6rTHFSk  and accompanied it with our air guitars!
  • Made a video all about bullying and what to do if you are bullied.
  • Thought about how we can use our hands to show kindness.  Made a heart of kind hands to show we are UNITED.


In PE we were excited to learn the new skills needed for Orienteering, finding clues and flags around the playground and field.


We have also learnt about the Hindu and Sikh Festival of Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and learnt about how Indian families celebrate the festival of light. In maths we made Rangoli patterns and we have started to make ‘Diya lamps’ out of clay. Next week we will be decorating them.”



One Response to “KS1: Anti-Bullying, Orienteering & Diwali”

  1. Carol Stothard

    Well done KS1 how busy you have been learning so much. Lovely to listen to your anti bullying video and see how you understand it all. Looking forward to seeing your lamps when they are finished. Lots of love Mrs. Stothard xxx