Show & Tell Season 2 Week 2

What a busy lot you are. This weeks Show & Tell features baking, making and lots of fun outdoors, in spite of the weather. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and keep on sending in your pictures and updates, we love seeing them all. Items for the next Show & Tell should be sent to by the end of next Saturday (23rd).

Why not take a look at what the children at St. Barnabas have been up to?


Lucy had great fun playing the Roll & Draw Plant Game with Mum she couldn’t find a dice at home so she had to make one. It made Lucy’s day when she beat mum at the game.



This week Chloe has had fun playing basketball and baking


The boys have all enjoyed going out early morning to explore all the ice puddles. It was also icy enough one day to slide down the hill in the park. For the family tree history project we visited and found the boy’s great, great grandad Frank and grandma Gertrude and drove round where their great grandad Lawrence grew up on Marsh Lane, Killingholme. The boys have also had to spend a lot of time mucking out the poultry and finding them food, as they are now on chicken lockdown, due to avian flu, and so cannot be free range in the garden! So a lot of time is spent finding grass around the village, to keep the ducks happy and laying.

They have also had to get the vegetable beds ready for planting in spring which included a lot of muck shovelling! Something they are not keen on ….. but tires them out! 😀

The last job of the day is always to water and check on the growth of the Christmas trees we planted just after Christmas: 4 out of the 5 seem to be thriving.

from Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper & River




Sorry, but mummy forgot to send last weeks Show and Tell into school.

The picture we have sent is us and our new dog, Molly. We got Molly a few days before Christmas to keep our dog Teabags company – we love Molly! She is so kind and loves licking our feet! It tickles! She is 6 and is a Jack Russell.

Anna will show Molly off in show and tell next Wednesday.

from Anna, Lucy & Alex


We have enjoyed lots of time outside again this week. Tree climbing, picking winter foliage and seeing how deep puddles are has kept us busy. The girls have baked meringues and fairy cakes which were delicious. Camilla was given a den kit for Christmas, we had lots of fun building.

from Eleanor, Camilla & Arabella


Home school has been going ok. Sophia had a good chat with Mr. Marsh about maths which cleared up any confusion and helped Sophia understand the work.
We haven’t been doing the PE challenges but instead Henry & Sophia have been taking Snoopy for a walk & run down to Midby Park.
We had a rough end to the week. As you know, Gwenno had moved homes recently. We’d gone to see her and she looked to have Colic (bad tummy/gut ache), so we had the vet as an emergency. Gwenno had the bum examination to check for a blockage and Sophia got to watch some biology and vet skills in real life. Gwenno also had 2 injections. The next 2hrs after she was seen, were touch and go. But the vet thought we’d caught it early. As you can imagine 🤞🏼And toes we’re crossed! We stayed with her, both freezing 🥶 cold in the stable, with a pony wobbly from the drugs.
Thankfully she rallied round, so Friday we decided to move yards.
Sophia then had to go to the dentist for some special solution on her back teeth, which prevents decay as she has deep indentations in them: a bit more science!
Then we received a photo of Gwenno in her new stable.
So we’re ready for a rest this weekend! Apart from riding on Sunday (P.E).


This week we’ve went for a 10 mile bike ride, with a bit of log jumping thrown in for good measure.  Had fun working as a team on some home made tandem skis!  Had to put a bale of hay out for the sheep in the horrid weather and did lots of baking but it was so good we forgot to take photos of it before we ate it 🤣

We loved seeing our teachers and friends this week on Teams and can’t wait to find out what game Mrs. Smith has got planned for us next week!

Oh and we almost forgot we’ve taken the ponies out 🤪

The Formans



Isabelle been busy this week. We’ve been on plenty walks to see the ducks and, of course, we had to make the snowdog when it snowed!