A Message from your Teacher…. S2 week 5

Well children (and families) you’ve baked, created, decorated, exercised and Home-Schooled your way to half-term and I am immensely proud of, and grateful to, each and every one of you.

It’s been a struggle at times, especially on those occasions when technology let us down, but each week your pictures and stories have helped lift the spirits of the staff, your friends and their families.

As well as doing the Teams Meetings and the home learning packs, you have also been learning new skills such as baking and cooking (Maisie, Alex, Jake, Darcy, Daisy, Chloe, Thea, Eleanor and Camilla), and I really do think that once we are all back in school and things have returned to normal, the staff and I should form a taste testing panel to assess your new skills 😉

Some of you have been carrying out scientific experiments (Beatrice and Philippa). The video was very impressive and you looked like you had a lot of fun bouncing the egg…. until it went splat!!!

Whilst others have been busy helping with jobs around the house and garden (Violet).

There has been a lot of creativity as well, I wonder if the Tooth Fairy liked the Year 2 boy’s decorations, when she visited? Making a periscope sounds like a lot of fun Euan and I think we all need a Happy Jar Cerys – I wonder what your tie dye items looked like when they were finished?

It’s good to see so many of you being so active. Whether it’s riding your pony (Sophia), or your bike (Evelyn), building dens and going for walks in the woods (Daisy and Evie); or learning new football skills in your back garden (Isabelle), keeping active and getting some fresh air, is really important to our health and wellbeing.

Wow!! Pygmy goats in the kitchen (Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper & River) and having to feed them every 4 hours!!! What caring little boys you all are. Looking after animals such as new pet guinea pigs (Jake and Ben), and feeding the wild birds (Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella), is a very rewarding thing to do. Our pets have been very comforting to many of us in recent months, even keeping us company whilst we tackle our school work (Francesca).

Making memories and having fun together (Oliver, William , Emily, Hayley and Felicity), is so very important at any time but more so now. To be able to look back over the last 12 difficult months and say “Do you remember when we….?” and be able to recall fun, happy times is so important.

Enjoy your half-term break. Relax, recharge and restore. No school work this week – it’s half-term for all you amazing home school teachers as well. Have fun, exercise and read!

Love to you all

Mrs. Murray.


Hello Children

What a great week it has been with the beautiful white snow that fell over night. I just love to see it sat on the roof tops and on the branches but what I really like to do is look for signs of garden visitors that might have left their paw prints in the night.  I hope you have all been out to play in it and made wonderful snowmen and snow angels and left your footprints. The wind has been biting cold but I’m sure it’s only us oldies that feel the cold!

Isabelle: It’s great to see you are getting out and about and keeping super fit! What a huge smile you have on your face.

Ayrton:  A black ducks egg! No wonder you were so delighted when you found it. I don’t think I’ve seen one of those before.

Somebody in my class has lost their tooth and was very excited to tell us all about it. Did the tooth fairy like your fantastic homemade decorations as I certainly do?

Have a super half term everybody. Keep safe.

With love
Miss Somerscales


Hello Thea, my word what a busy little girl you have been this week. Mrs. Russell and I are very impressed with your pencil grip and scissor control: you are doing lots of practise, good girl. It’s lovely that you have been with grandma helping her with her gardening, getting lots of fresh air at the same time too. You looked so snazzy with your colourful sunglasses when you went to feed the ducks. Wow, making breakfast for your sister and helping mummy, that’s a big girl job. What a grown up lady you are becoming 😊. I can see that you are keeping busy with mummy working from your Nursery Learning school pack, well done Thea and mummy.

Hi Arabella , well another get up and go week you and your sisters have had, getting lots of fresh air and exercise in the fields and woods. I see a lovely yummy cake with lots of cherries, did you count them as you put them on 😆, I could just eat a piece of that to have with my coffee. It’s really good that you are feeding the birds as the weather has been really cold, they need lots to eat don’t they? Good job you have big strong muscles to carry buckets round the farm.

Casper & River, how busy you boys are with all your animals, but lots of fun l would think. You are learning different and interesting things, looking at and building bridges, observing lots of things in the environment as well as helping mum. A good outdoor week you’ve had boys 😊.

From Mrs. Pollard & Mrs. Russell


Chloe, you are having fun and making the most of lockdown as usual.  Your martial arts looks great and well done for getting star of the week. That pasta and meatballs dish looks delicious – well done!

Oh Sophia, I am so sad to hear the news of Salty: she was such a good friend to you. I can see that you have also had some fun this week which is great. It is always best to get outside in the fresh air when you feel sad or, of course, when this school work gets too much.

Eleanor and Camilla, you are still having fun outdoors which is so pleasing.  I think it helps us all to get out and about in the countryside at the moment and I know I look forward to my weekend walks at the moment.

Beatrice and Philippa, you have been busy as usual and out and about. I absolutely love the egg experiment and how busy you have been in the kitchen as well.  Great work girls.

Ethan and Euan, it looks like you are still having lots of fun outdoors and those pygmy goats look adorable…but such hard work!! You are great boys to be helping out with everything – what an experience for you all!

Mrs. Smith


Well done all of you, it is lovely to see what you get up to. You all seem to get plenty of exercise either walking or cycling and what a lot you are learning on top of your school work with your baking and other interests. Enjoy the half term next week.

Lots of love  from Mrs. Stothard xxx


Hello children. I hope that you’ve all a had fun time this week, especially in the snow.

Chloe, your martial arts looks very impressive, what is that position called? You peel onions in a very sensible way but does it stop you eyes from crying? The pasta and meatballs look very tasty. Well done for being Star of the Week.

Year 2 boy, your bedroom looks great with the decorations that you made. Well done. Do they help you to get to sleep easier? The tooth fairy will get a lovely surprise when she comes to collect your tooth!

What a busy girl you have been this week Thea! It’s good to see that you managed to get outside in the sunshine. I like sunny days. You have been a great helper by the looks of it. Mummy and Grandma must be really pleased that you like gardening and cooking.

Well done Sophia for working hard this week. I’m really sorry to hear about Salty. Maybe you could draw a picture of Salty to remember her by and frame it with all of your happy memories of her.

Isabelle, it looks like you had lots of fun on the swing and had nice weather for your walk too. I must go for some more walks this week as well as I need more exercise. Try to remember your football tricks because I want to see them when we are back at school.

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella, that puddle looks really fun to walk in! How deep was it? Your baking looks very tasty.

Beatrice, what a kind and thoughtful thing to do for your friends! I bet the surprises were really appreciated. Philippa, the egg experiment sounds very interesting and well done for carefully noting the changes and what happened to them.

Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper & River, well done for looking after your new goat kids. The team work that you have shown is great. Your bridge building sounds fun. I hope nobody got very wet whilst you tried to cross the them! A black egg is unusual and must have been quite a surprise. How exciting!

from Mrs. Cook


Chloe – Star of the Week in martial arts, well done! I’m sure the letter brightened up your friend’s day. The meatballs look very tasty, I’m sure you all enjoyed them!

Year 2 boy – What super decorations you have made, and how exciting to be getting a visit from the tooth fairy!

Thea – Another busy week playing, helping grandma, preparing food and all the time learning. I’m pleased you have managed to enjoy the sunshine.

Sophia – We are almost at half term, you have made it! I hope you all enjoyed your celebratory afternoon tea. Poor Salty, you have given her such a lovely home Sophia.

Isabelle– You must be tired after such an active week, I can’t wait to see your new football tricks!

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella – I’m sure the puddles are getting bigger girls, thank goodness for wellies, I know I’ve worn mine a lot just lately! That cake looks like it should be in a tea room, well done!

Beatrice and Philippa – What another fun science experiment, I loved watching the video. I’m pleased you’ve been enjoying the snow, and what a lovely idea to bake for your friends Beatrice, I’m sure it made their day.

Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper & River – Black eggs from Annie, pygmy goat kids, and bridge building… what an exciting week you’ve all had! Well done boys.

Happy half term everyone,

Mrs. Healy x


Chloe – well done for keeping up with your martial arts training, and to win star of the week as well, wow! The pasta, sauce and meatballs look amazing, my favourite!

Sophia – I can relate to your comments about half term….I think we are all ready for a break. It sounds like you looked after dad on his birthday, I do enjoy an afternoon tea!

Eleanor and Camilla – you always have fab adventures! Well done for looking after the birds, I have a new birdfeeder in my garden which the birds have been flocking to during this snowy weather.

Beatrice – well done for keeping your mum active, I hope you didn’t make her go too fast?! I continue to run every day in February (crazy decision I know!), I have had some snowy runs. Bea’s pantry sounds great! I know I have spoken to you already about the wonderful science work that you do Philippa and Beatrice….I am pleased that you have put the video and information on for everyone to see. Well done girls!

Ethan and Euan, such fab adventures once again! Well done for looking after Otis and Eric (I love the names!) you are such caring boys. The bridge building sounds fun, it looks very wet and muddy which I am sure you probably enjoyed!

Mr. Marsh