A Message from your Teacher…. S2 week 4

Mrs. Murray has been a little under the weather this week and your Show and Tell items have really cheered her up.

She is both amazed by and immensely proud of each and every one of you: from little Thea from the St. Helena’s Nursery class practising her drawing, to St Barnabas Year 6 children learning a new skill (Oliver) and helping dad out (Euan), and all of the creativity, hard work, exploring and adventures in between.

Mrs. Murray is looking forward to seeing what you have all been up to this week and says: keep having fun, keep doing your schoolwork when you can and most important of all …… keep reading.

Last but by no means least, she sends you her love.​


Hello children,

​Has another week really past?  I cannot believe were the time goes. I think it’s because we are all so busy with school work and trying to fit in other fun activities. School is still the same but without your bright cheerful faces in it. It’s just great to see you on our class catch-up and teams meetings and see those happy smiles. Have another good week of home learning.

Ayrton: What a sticky time you have had in the mud. It all looks good fun!

Jodie-Mae: What a delicious looking cake and the way you have decorated it with sweets was a brilliant idea. Did it taste good?

With love

Miss Somerscales



Arabella, l love your cake shop, what a lovely selection of cakes. Mrs. Russell an l will definitely come for our afternoon tea to your tearoom 😊. You have been getting plenty of fresh air and exercise riding out on your scooter and looking for animal tracks. I wander what animal it belonged too? Eleanor and Camilla l see you have been making yourself useful again but helping dad this week. l bet he was pleased with your help, but you were learning too l think? Jumping on the crunchy ice looks fun, l bet it was slippery.

Love from Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. Russell x.

Hi boys, well what another busy week you have both had, from making pizza’s to holding worms. l must say, l would prefer the pizza haha. I like that you have put a smiley face on them 😊. You have been doing lots outside again, walking on the ice and crunching through the field, what fun.

It looks like you had a long walk on the Humber Bridge. Take care.

Love from Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. Russell x.

Hello Thea, wow l can see that you’ve had some fun this week splashing in the big puddle and it looks like you might have been on the slide in the park out in the fresh air. It looks like you have been very busy practicing your pencil grip and following the snail shapes, good girl. Your mummy must be very pleased with your help with buttering the bread ready for your sandwiches, what a fab little helper you are. Thank you for your show and tell 😊.

Love from Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. Russell x.


Eleanor and Camilla I am so pleased you enjoyed getting out in the frost and icy conditions and those animal tracks you spotted were awesome.  Your art work inspired by Picasso and Matisse is fantastic and I am impressed that you are learning the family business and helping out on the farm!  Well done.

Boys, you have been having even more fun outdoors!  I am pleased you are helping find food for the chickens and looking after all the animals at home.  We enjoyed meeting one of your ducks when we came past on our pack delivering last week and we are looking forward to meeting the goats! The bridge visiting looks fab – I do love a good bridge and Mr. Marsh has a favourite Humber Bridge documentary that I am sure he will show you all one day!

Laina – that cake looks delicious! Do I spot Haribos on there? You know I love a Haribo!

Sophia – you always look so happy when you are outdoors walking Snoopy or riding Gwenno – it is lovely to see!  That drink looks delicious and well done for growing those carrots – they look delicious too!

Chloe – those animals in your house are going to be the cleverest animals in Kirmington, as I know it is not the first time you have been teaching them or reading to them! I love it. I also love the gingerbread Campervan and think you decorated it beautifully. The ice really has been super hasn’t it? I love the crack it makes when you walk on it!

Elisi – lovely to see your photos! I love the long walks you have been going on – there is nothing better on a crisp winter’s day. I also love that you have been working hard on your pack! Well done.

Beatrice and Philippa – farmer, baker, seamstress, violinist, scientist, ornithologist and cyclist…there is no end to your incredible talents!  I absolutely love how you manage to pack so much in because what we don’t see on here, is all the super school work you are doing as well.  You really are embracing every opportunity and living lockdown life to the full girls! I love it!

Mrs. Smith


Hello everyone. It’s great to see that you are still working hard and spending lots of time outside.

Eleanor, Camilla & Arabella, it’s good to see the icy cold weather hasn’t stopped you from having fun. Arabella, could you break that ice? It looks very thick. Eleanor and Camilla, your pictures look great. Very colourful and cheerful. Well done.

Casper & River, those sheets of ice are huge! Were they heavy to hold? You must have held onto them very carefully.  Ethan, Euan and Ayrton, what were you looking for in the stream? Your pizzas look very tasty, especially after your bridge walks.

Laina and Jodie-Mae, those cakes look delicious! You have decorated them very carefully. I bet they didn’t last long.

Thea, your drawing is coming on really well. Keep practising! Mummy must be very pleased that she’s got a helper in the kitchen. Well done. Den building sounds fun. Do you like it in the dark?

Sophia , well done for persevering with your learning pack. Keep going! Your carrots look too cute to eat. What have you added to your new drink? Does it give you extra umph?

Chloe, your gingerbread campervan looks great. Too good to eat almost. Muddy walks are fun aren’t they? Everyone should have them! I think reading to the car and fish is a great idea.

Elisi, your walks look fun, especially the one in the dark. It’s good to get out in the fresh air isn’t it? Well done for working on your fractions.

Beatrice and Philippa, well done for helping to look after the animals. This cold weather must keep you all busy. Your hot chocolate was well deserved. Philippa, I love the expression on your face when watching the ball hover in your science experiment! It looks very exciting.

from Mrs. Cook


Eleanor, Camilla & Arabella – It’s been nice to see the sun for a short while this week, it makes a change to all that rain, and the ice looks so much fun. You are being such good helpers that I think mum and dad will miss you once you go back to school!

Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper & River – You are doing a thorough bridge topic boys, did you walk all the way across the Humber Bridge? That worm looks like it could feed your chickens for a week!

Laina and Jodie-Mae – Your cakes look delicious, I can imagine that the whole family enjoyed sampling them, well done!

Thea – You’ve had another busy week with so many activities. What a help you must have been to mummy, helping to prepare all those meals!

Sophia – ‘Umph’ seems like a good name for that drink! I’m sure you needed it after all that exercising with the animals!

Chloe – I’ve never seen a gingerbread campervan before – it looks amazing, well done Chloe. I hope your fish and cat were good listeners!

Elisi – You must be tired after all those walks, it’s good to see you still had some energy for maths though – Mr Marsh will be pleased!

Beatrice and Philippa – I love the science experiment girls, what fun! You’re working hard to help with all the jobs that are involved with keeping animals, well done. Hot chocolate and cake would be a welcome treat after all those chores!

Mrs. Healy x