A Message from your Teacher…. S2 week 2

I have loved looking at this week’s Show and Tell photographs. Thank you. They have given me a real boost.

 I am so pleased that so many of you are outside!!! Enjoying walks, cycle rides, den building, horse rides and looking after a huge selection of animals. I have no doubt that you are all working on your schoolwork when you are inside, but more importantly, especially now, you are looking after your minds and bodies too. Keep going.

It has been lovely to see so many of you in the Teams meetings with your teachers and class mates this week. We really do miss you all and we know you miss each other too. The Teams meetings not only give us all a chance to stay connected, but they can be helpful too, when you chat about the work you have done and any challenges you might have had.

I know some of your families have had problems getting connected and Mrs. Revitt has done a little guide to ‘Teams’ for your families to see if we can help you get to the Class Chats. I have snuck into some meetings- when the teachers remember to invite me and I have loved seeing you too.

Lucy your game reminded me of a Beetle Drive game we used to play when I was little. I wonder if you can find one and set it up. Let me know if you beat mum again!

Chloe I am so pleased you are managing to keep fit indoors, but that basketball and the chandelier do not look as if they will mix very well – have you got a camera set up for ‘you’ve been framed’- just in case.

Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper and River – you look like you have been outside nearly all week- good for you. Your chickens certainly will need looking after. The tie dye shirts look very ‘designer’ and I am so impressed with your family tree research.

You all seem to be enjoying time with your pets – the old ones and the new ones. Anna, Lucy & Alex your new arrival Molly looks a lovely dog, and I am sure Teabags is loving the company ( what an usual name for a dog- is there a story to go with how Teabags got his name??)

Sophia I am so sorry to hear that Gwenno has been poorly. She has been quite a feature of lockdown 1 and 2 and I look forward to seeing her photos each week – give her a stroke from me. . . Has Henry been standing in a grow bag??

Philippa and Beatrice have been on horseback too – I think I would probably get on the wrong way round as well- did you try to ride this way??! I hope your tandem skis were successful.

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella have been enjoying the great outdoors as usual with den building – my favourite activity, and tree climbing but I have to say your meringues are the best photo this week, they look incredible!

Isabelle, where did you find snow? I love snow and am very jealous. I think your snow dog was fab. Did you give him a name?

Thank you for sending in your Show and Tell pictures. I have been very fed up this week and they have given me a real boost- as has popping up in some of your Teams meetings. Not all the teachers have added me to their meetings- I think they think I am a little disruptive- I shall see if I can persuade them to add me so that I can see you all. Keep having fun. Keep doing your school work when you can and most important of all

keep reading

Love Mrs. Murray


Hello Children
I hope you have had another productive week with your home learning. The teachers tell me the things that you are doing at home and it sounds like you are getting through your remote learning packs with some good days and some challenging days. We all understand at school that things can be difficult but keeping persevering and you will be surprised at what you can achieve.
Ayrton: I’m so relieved that the Christmas tree that you let us borrow is growing well in your garden. You must have green fingers!
Anna: I love Molly. She is so beautiful and looks like she has a funny character. What a lucky girl being rescued by your family.
Isabelle: I can’t believe you’ve been lucky enough to have snow where you live. Your snow dog looks just like the one from The Snowman and the Snowdog film.
Keep safe everybody.
With love
Miss Somerscales


Lucy – The ‘Roll and Draw Plant Game’ looks so much fun – did mum demand a rematch?
Chloe – I can imagine you needed a treat after all that basketball practise – the cupcakes look like they would do the job!
Ethan, Euan, Ayrton, Casper & River – Boys, you have been so incredibly busy doing so many important jobs and having lots of fun at the same time. I love your tie-dye T-shirts, nice and bright to cheer us all up.
Anna, Lucy & Alex – What a lovely photo of your new dog Molly, I imagine she is keeping you all very busy!
Eleanor, Camilla & Arabella – The water looks like it is almost to the top of your wellies girls – did it go over the top? After all that fresh air I can imagine that your baked treats went down nicely!
Sophia – So sorry to hear that Gwenno has been so poorly, I’m pleased she is feeling better now, she looks happy and relaxed in her new stable. What a week!
Beatrice and Philippa – 10 miles on a bike? Well done girls, I’m pleased to see the weather isn’t putting you off!
Isabelle– I’m pleased to see that you got some snow, I only had frost and ice in my garden. I love your snow dog, you’ve been very busy!
Mrs Healy x


Lucy , it is great to see and hear that you enjoyed the science game. I enjoyed playing the game in school with Ella and Elodie. The drawings look fab!

Chloe , I am pleased that I have now seen the basketball hoop that you have been describing to me. Baking sounds good to me, you could have delivered one to school for me!

Ethan and Euan you have been very busy! I like the sound of Marsh Lane, that’s where I should live. I am so pleased that the majority of the Christmas trees seem to be thriving!

Eleanor and Camilla those meringues and fairy cakes sound and look amazing! You could have had one ready for me when I came to visit last week. I enjoyed seeing where all the magic takes place.

Sophia you are showing great commitment to science lately! I also enjoyed our chat about maths, it felt like I was back in class teaching you. It is great to see Henry pop up on a photo (I miss him!) and I hope Gwenno is on the mend now.

Well done Philippa and Beatrice for staying so active, I bet your legs were aching after the 10 mile bike ride! I am also looking forward to the next Teams meeting.

Mr Marsh


Well, haven’t you all been busy even in this weather?  It is so lovely to see everyone’s photographs and to see you all out and about walking dogs, going on bike rides, den building as well as looking after the horses, chickens, ducks and sheep! I am loving the baking as well – especially those meringues!  How are you all managing to fit in any school work? Lucy , I have to mention the science game and that you beat your mum – well done!  I love that you made your own dice too!
I love delivery day when I get to come and see you all and have a chat and I am looking forward to Teams again this week and seeing smiling faces – school is quiet without you all!
Stay safe and well everyone,
Mrs Smith


Hello children!

It looks like you have all got back into learning at home and everyone is proud at how you are coping. Well done and stay safe.
Lucy , well done for beating your mum in the game and being very resourceful with making your own dice. Can you make up another game to use it for?
Chloe , I like your basketball court! How many times did you get the ball in the net? I bet your cakes were very tasty.
Ethan , you have obviously been busy, not only with your school work but with the chickens as well. River and Casper , your science experiment with the colourful sweets looks really fun. What happened to the colours? Euan and Ayrton, your t-shirts look brilliant. So colourful on these grey dark days. You look really proud of them.
Anna, Lucy & Alex, your new dog is so cute! How exciting. Have you had to train it? I hope she behaves herself.
Eleanor, Camilla & Arabella, your outside adventures look fun. I like your den that you made. Did it keep you warm and dry? Camilla, what kind of cakes did you make, I bet they tasted yummy!
Sophia , I’m sorry to hear that Gwenno has been poorly but glad that she’s getting better. Well done for working hard with your school work and keeping going when it got tricky. I hope your mouth is feeling more comfortable now.
Philippa and Beatrice, you have been very active this week. A ten mile bike ride! Wow. It’s good to get outside isn’t it? Your baking and eating was well earnt.
Isabelle, your snowdog looks great. How long did it take to make? Well done for keeping up with you school work as well.
from Mrs. Cook

Casper and River – Hi boys, l can see mummy is keeping you busy outside doing lots of jobs. I see you have been doing tie-dye tee shirts, you have picked some lovely colours, they look fab. You look like you have had lots of fun in the puddles while out walking.

Take care love from Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. Russell 😃.

Lucy, your new dog Molly is lovely, she is such a pretty colour. l hope Teabags likes her new friend and they play nicely together. Does it tickle when she licks your feet 😀?  We hope we can see more of Molly soon, take care.

Take care love from Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. Russell.

Hello girls, you have had another busy week making a den with Camilla’s new den kit – l bet it was lots of fun? Climbing trees as well with Brambles guarding you, she is a lovely 🐶. I bet you enjoyed the lovely meringues Camilla made, especially with all that delicious fruit.

Take care love from Mrs. Pollard and Mrs. Russell.