A Message from your Teacher…. S2 week 1

Dear Children,

Well here we are and here we go again- Lockdown 2- and hopefully the last.

You have all zoomed back into your home learning and we are all so proud of all that you manage to achieve.

You may find it hard to start with, it might still feel like the Christmas Holiday, but you will soon get back into the swing of schoolwork. Some of you are revelling in home school, some of you are even wearing your uniforms to do it, I bet this makes it feel more like you are at school!!

We love to see your work but we also like to know what other things you are getting up to. Remember you can learn absolutely everywhere- not just from your work packs!!!

As usual your photos make us miss you even more, but it is fabulous to see so many of you enjoying outdoor fun.

Philippa and Beatrice you look as if you have had so much fun on the farm and helping out too. The frosty bike rides look cold!! Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella jumping in icy puddles and ‘ditch leaping’- EEK!!! In Holland this is an actual sport you know ‘Fierljeppen’, although it involves ditches with water and poles to jump!!!  Don’t try this at home!!

Bethany and Layla it sounds like you have enjoyed riding your bikes and chilly walks and are working hard on your home learning packs too- Layla your handwriting is beautiful.

Sophia I am glad to know Gwenno has been relocated and is enjoying the new home- I am not sure I would want to live with goats though!! I am pleased Snoopy is working with you and getting back into home schooling too- my Stanley does the same.

Isla and Addie learning in your school uniform at home looks great fun and I would think it makes it feel more like school too- do you get changed when you’ve done your work for the day?

Chloe I hope the knitting is going well. It can be really tricky to begin with, but if you keep persevering you will soon be making scarves and jumpers- for all your toys- send us a photo when you have done!!

Jodie- Mae you are the first to lose a tooth during this lockdown. I am so pleased to learn the tooth fairy is still a key worker and I am sure if she is then the Easter Bunny will be too- although I hope we are all back at school long before then.

Please keep sending your show and tell photos and let us know what you are doing. We miss you all and ca.t wait to have you all back with us.



Love Mrs Murray


Hello Children

I hope you have all settled into home school life again and trying your best at home.  I already know that many of you have been working super hard with your remote learning work. So well done to you. School seems empty without you all but being at home is the safest place to be at the moment. Keep working hard and sharing all your good work and fun family activities with us all.

With love from

Miss Somerscales


Adelaide– You look like you are being very creative at home in your new wonderful kitchen!

Jodie-Mae–  Yeah!! Your first tooth. You still look as beautiful without it.

Layla– I’m pleased you’ve had time to go on some walks and a bike ride after doing all of that careful, neat work.



It is lovely to see all the pictures and how you are all getting on.

Isla Hilton it is great to see that you have been ‘pretty enthusiastic’ about your school work and it is lovely to see you in your uniform.  Keep up the good work and keep sending the pictures in!

Wow Chloe, I am pleased you have found a new thing to learn.  You will have to teach me when you come back to school as I am terrible at knitting – every time I try, I make a mess of it and give up!  Well done Chloe.

Bethany, it is good to see you have continued to work hard during lockdown.  I know your family tree work isn’t on here, but I have to give it a mention because I thought it was fab!! Well done!

Eleanor and Camilla it looks like you are having great fun and I love the look of all your icy walks! Keep having fun and working hard together.

Sophia, it sounds like you have had a very busy time – I am not sure how you managed to get in any school work at all!! It is good to hear that Gwenno is happy in her new home.  Super family tree work as well so keep up the good work Sophia.

Philippa and Beatrice you have been so busy as usual, I really don’t know how you have managed to get all your school work done as well.  You really are busy bees!  Keep up the fabulous work.

Mrs Smith


Isla it is lovely to see your enthusiasm for home learning and I enjoyed our chat when I phoned on Friday. Cracking ice puddles and making snow angels sounds great, that is my kind of fun!

Chloe I hope your knitting is going well? Maybe you could send us a photo of any completed work. Mrs Marsh is very keen on sewing at the moment.

Bethany you have already produced some fantastic work during this first week of home schooling. Well done for getting out on some walks and bike rides…I totally agree about the weather needing to warm up though!

Eleanor and Camilla well done for being so active this week. If you find any gold coins while looking for treasure can you save me one please?!

Sophia I love the thought of Snoopy at the table, as long as he isn’t distracting you, or telling you the answers! The Maddison link is very interesting and 1 of 11 is amazing, my Dad is 1 of 8 and I thought that was a lot. I also enjoyed our phone call!

Beatrice and Philippa it sounds like you have had an interesting week. Well done for looking after the sheep! Be careful on those frosty bike rides, I have been on lots of walks but I haven’t risked a bike ride yet.

Mr Marsh



Isla and Adelaide – you have been so busy – well done for completing all of your school work so far. You look like you had fun doing crafts, and I love the snow angel!

Chloe – what a great skill to have… knitting. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten how to do it, I’ll have to find the time to learn. I look forward to seeing the finished article!

Layla and Bethany – what brilliant work you have both been doing, you have worked really hard, well done. I agree – we definitely need the weather to warm up a bit!

Eleanor, Camilla and Arabella – you’ve all had so much outdoor fun this week – I love the action shots of you jumping over the water in the ditch!

Sophia – it may have been a bumpy week Sophia, but you’re still smiling, which is lovely to see. My dog also likes to ‘help’ at the table too!

Jodie-Mae – I’m so pleased the Tooth Fairy is a key worker – can you imagine how many teeth she would have had to collect if she hadn’t been able to work?!

Beatrice and Philippa – you have definitely had plenty of fun outside this week girls, and what a beautiful rainbow… I hope your wishes come true.

Mrs Healy x


Hi Girls,
Thank you for sending some photos through for our show and tell page. It was lovely to see all your smiley faces.
Arabella, I see you have been on some walks with your sisters and Bramble finding lots of treasure and jumping in some icy puddles.
Your face is a picture as you pose with the snail shells 😀 I’m wondering where the snails went though. Did they move out, or did them pesky birds have them for their lunch? 😮
Mrs Pollard and Mrs Russell enjoyed catching up with you on the telephone the other day, Mummy said you are doing really well with your home school learning which makes us both proud.
Well done Arabella keep up the excellent work chicken 🙂
From Mrs Russell and Mrs Pollard.