Completed work

You have all been super busy during these past weeks and we have been impressed with the work you have produced. Here are some of the completed pieces of work we have received back:


Year 1

Year 2

We have lots of bird nests in the garden and we took a quick photo of one of them and then moved away, so the mummy bird wouldn’t be upset by us being near her nest.  We think they might be blackbird eggs.


Year 3








Ella’s Volcano Homework  (click to open file)


Camilla’s Limerick, Acrostic poem & Shaped poem.

Year 4

Sophia‘s thoughtful Rainbow.

Year 5








Bethany‘s Topic Work

Beatrice‘s Geography Powerpoint

Beatrice‘s  Noah’s Ark Video  (click link to play)


“Free as the Wind” a free poem by Beatrice, based on this picture.


Eleanor’s Limerick & her Acrostic poem.

Year 6





Freddie HJ’s History Project (click to open file)


Riley’s Poem