Harvest Festival 2019

Harvest Festival this year was held at St. Helena’s Church, at 2 p.m., on Monday 7th October. Wrapped up warmly and holding their harvest gifts, the children headed across to the church with their teachers, for the service. The harvest produce was handed over to Reverend Lee Gabel and Mrs Murray and was followed by the Procession of the School Banner which was carried by two of our year 6 pupils, Gracie and Riley. Harvest songs were sung and the Church Warden, Mrs Nicky L’Angelier, recited a Harvest Poem. The school banner was returned during the final hymn and Reverend Gabel ended the service with a harvest blessing.

The following morning, the whole school delivered bags of produce to elderly residents and a special thanks to all those who offered refreshments to the children and to Mrs Midgley for providing a much needed and appreciated toilet break for the youngest members of our school family.

We were delighted and touched to receive a thank you note from one of our neighbours, who in turn was delighted and touched to receive the produce and especially a chive in a plastic bag which was accompanied by the inscription “This chive is fresh. I grew it“.



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