Greetings from Malaysia

We were delighted to receive the first pictures from our foreign correspondents, Lucia, Julian and Bella. They have now settled into their new home and have started their new school and daddy has also started his new job. Their new home looks wonderful, although it seems they haven’t escaped from the rain entirely and how wonderful that their new school appears to have fish as well – albeit quite a bit larger than ours. We hope you enjoy looking at their pictures as much as we did:

Some pictures of our new home:
Here are some pictures when we looked around our new school:
We started our first day at our new school (Repton Malaysia) on Monday 7th September. So far so good and we are all really enjoying it:

If you have any questions for this intrepid trio, please let Mrs Storey in the office have them and we will forward them via email. They may answer them in their next installment. Or, leave a comment in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section at the bottom of this post and you may get a quicker answer.


Dear Lucia, Julian and Bella,

Thank you for sharing these wonderful images with us. It is nice to see how happy you all look and we are all looking forward to seeing (and maybe even reading) more of your adventures. We miss you all.

Take care, keep safe and keep smiling,

With love from all your friends and the staff at Kirmington St Helena’s.




3 Responses to “Greetings from Malaysia”

  1. Dear all
    It looks really and so pleased to see you all looking very happy. Missing you all but glad that you are settling into your new school hope you enjoy it. Look forward to seeing more pictures from you.
    Love Mrs. Stothard xxx

  2. You all look like you are having a great time! We all miss you all. Your new school looks wonderful – keep smiling and keep having fun and working hard! Can’t wait to see more pictures.
    From Mrs Smith

    • Jackie Pollard

      Hello to you all, my word you look like you have settled in so well, which I’m so pleased to see. Your new home and school looks fab, plenty of swimming l see and how lucky to have fish in your school. Bella l can see you riding those bicycles round and round, Lucia and Julian your classrooms are so big wow, l can see you working really hard in them. Mummy and daddy look very happy too, thank you for the lovely pictures and look forward to seeing the next ones, take care and carry on enjoying your lovely new adventure, love from Mrs Pollard xx.


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