FDN Virtual Nativity 2020

This year’s Nativity was presented outside, using the new outdoor classroom with the KS1 and KS2 bubbles watching ….. socially distanced. Due to the size of the video, it will only be available to view for a short period of time before being removed from the blog and replaced by a Christmas themed blog post, featuring pictures from all the year groups. We hope you enjoy their performance:





8 Responses to “FDN Virtual Nativity 2020”

  1. Carol Stothard

    That was fab brought a tear to my eye. They are little professionals. What a super job you have done with them Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Hogan . So pleased I could watch it xxx Mrs. Stothard.

  2. Mrs Sheila Lambert

    Lovely- that is what Christmas is all about. Well done children and well done Mrs Russell and Mrs Hogan. A lot of hard work has gone into that. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  3. Samantha Kuc & Barry Ireland

    We was really impressed with the setup and how well everyone did. It was lovely to watch, made us smile 🌻♥️ Well done everyone for all your hard work ☺️

  4. Abbi Winfield

    So lovely! Is there any way to download the video before it disappears?

    • I am planning to send a copy by email to all Foundation parents BUT we will ask that these are not shared on Social Media sites, to protect the rights of all parents.

  5. Mrs Pollard

    Well you guys were just AMAZING, l had a lump in my throat all the time while watching. I am so proud of you all, you all did so well, well done AND well done Mrs Russell and Mrs Hogan for a your hard work, you stars, good video shots too Mrs Storey, it was fabulous 😘x

  6. Mrs Pratt

    That was so lovely. Well done to all of you, I really wish that I could have been with you all .
    Give yourselves a big ‘Pat on the back !! ‘


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