Farewell and Good Luck to the Class of 2020

It is always with a mixture of pride and sadness that we meet to celebrate the achievements of our Year 6 children, sending them onto their next academic adventure with well deserved accolades and applause. This year was even more bittersweet, knowing that our young people hadn’t experienced many of the rights of passage that other cohorts had but we made the best of it and there were tears and smiles, as awards were given out and family groups watched from their socially distanced picnic blankets.

The new outdoor classroom provided a stage for Gracie, Phoebe, Lyla, Max, Riley, Freddie and Harry to perform their leavers speeches and/or collect their prizes. Two of our year 6 children weren’t able to make the occasion but they were in our thoughts. Awards, bibles from the Governors and fountain pens from the staff were given out before a socially distanced Year 6 photo was taken.

Good luck Class of 2020, we have absolutely no doubt that you will all have a very successful Secondary School journey…..but please remember that we would love to see you anytime you wish to visit us.



6 Responses to “Farewell and Good Luck to the Class of 2020”

  1. John R Ward

    It was a delight to see the year 6 children on the
    Website bringing back many happy memories spent with them. One of the greatest pleasures and rewards for a teacher is to see a pupil master new skills with confidence and to know you have hopefully played a part in enriching their life. I truly wish all our leavers the very best for the future and am sorry not to have been with them for some considerable time. All the best Gracie, Lyla (smiler) , Phoebe, Max, Riley, Harry, Freddie and the other two. Mr J Ward

    • Hi Mr Ward,

      I am absolutely positive the children will be delighted to read your comments. You were missed at the picnic.

      Take care xx

    • Lyla Phillipson

      Dear Mr Ward
      I will truly miss you, I just want to say a huge thank you for all your time and support. You made me far more confident in maths and table tennis.

      Love Lyla x

  2. It was lovely to see 7 out of 9of you at the picnic. I have so missed you all. Good to be able to chat to you all before you move on. Great to see that lovely smile again Lyla keep it there. Good luck to you all will miss you. Love Mrs Stothard xxx

  3. Eleanor A

    Hi Y6
    Good luck for your next school. 😀
    Lots of love
    Eleanor xxx

  4. Mrs Sheila Lambert

    I was sorry not to be there and say good bye and good luck for the future to each of you. I do wish all of you the very best on the next step of your education journey. You will no doubt take many fond memories of special times from Kirmington School – it truly is a wonderful place. Best Wishes Mrs Lambert x


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