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The Nativity, Nick Sharratt and a delicious Christmas Dinner

This very unusual term is rapidly drawing to a close and as we race at a socially distanced but break-neck speed towards Christmas, the staff and children have managed to take part in some fun events. The week started off with the Foundation Nativity which was performed in the outdoor classroom with the KS1 and KS2 bubbles watching from a distance. The video has

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Yr 5&6: National Parks, Victorian Schools & a Christmas Tree.

Each Year 5/6 child researched their own choice of National Park and then presented it to the rest of the class.  They worked very hard researching, drafting and confidently presenting their PowerPoints before editing and improving their presentations, following feedback from their peers.

Yr 3&4: PowerPoints, Play Time & Old School Teaching.

The year 3 and 4 children have been working hard on PowerPoint presentations about the Lake District which they then presented to their classmates. The teaching staff were very impressed with how well they did and all the children showed incredible courage by getting up and delivering their presentations.

A Fond Farewell & A Warm Welcome

It’s always sad to say goodbye to children when they leave our school and this year, as well as our year 6 children we are also saying bon voyage to Bella, Julian and Lucia. Sad though it is for us to see them leave, we are also incredibly excited for them because they are about to embark on a wonderful adventure, that will not

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Farewell and Good Luck to the Class of 2020

It is always with a mixture of pride and sadness that we meet to celebrate the achievements of our Year 6 children, sending them onto their next academic adventure with well deserved accolades and applause. This year was even more bittersweet, knowing that our young people hadn’t experienced many of the rights of passage that other cohorts had but we made the best of

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Spring Term Class Displays

We’ve had a very busy term so far and the display boards around the school are filled with reminders of the topics, trips and events that we have covered over that last few months. On one of their walls, Foundation have a lovely display of fruit they have painted, with some of the words they have been learning to describe them with and by

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Writing about a day out.

A Day Out On Friday 24th of January Ks2 went on a trip to the KCOM stadium in Hull. When we got there our teacher for the day, Aaron, took us on a tour around the stadium. Some of us had never seen a stadium before so we thought it was MASSIVE. Even though it isn’t the biggest stadium in England. After lunch we

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Year 5/6 Basketball

Year 5-6 P.E. Yr5-6 has been playing basketball in P.E. and have been learning many skills including: passing, shooting, dribbling and getting into a good space. Passing: There are many types of passes: chest past, javelin pass and bounce pass. Shooting: You can shoot from many angles as long as you don’t put the ball out of the court, you can do a layup

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KS2 Maths Quiz 2019

On Tuesday 26th November, eight of our key stage 2 students made the short journey to The Vale Academy in Brigg, to take part in what has become an annual inter-school maths quiz competition. There were two teams of four per school, made up of two children from each year group, with year 5 and 6 students working together in one team and year

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8th Annual Conker Tournament 2019

Every year for the 8th year in a row now, we have a conker tournament. Our teachers arrange us in pairs to play against. One of our amazing helpers, Mr Ward, drills a hole in the conker, then threads a string through it.  The children help by bringing conkers in that we have found on the ground. The Year 6’s do the scoring and

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