Ambulance visit

There was great excitment amongst the children on Thursday, when an ambulance pulled into the school playground. Thankfully this was not in response to a call for help but was a planned visit, organised by a parent. KS1 were first to go and have a look, taking it in turns to climb in and out of the back and Mrs Hogan made an excellent suspected spinal injury patient, allowing herself to be strapped to a spinal board.  KS1 eventually came back into school, proudly showing off bandaged hands and wrists, and Foundation took their place, with KS2 last to go out to have a look.

The siren was sounded several times during the visit, startling the office staff and the sight of children coming out of school sporting bandages and announcing that they had a “broken” or “burned” limb, alarmed some KS1 parents for a few seconds ……. Mrs Storey made a mental note to send a text out to parents, next time.




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