A Lovely New Space: Outdoor Classroom

Some cheerful news in amongst all the current uncertainty. On Sunday (15th), a set of parents and two grandpa’s set about the task of clearing what was the old herb garden, ready for the installation of a lovely outdoor classroom space. With the help of a mechanical digger to loosen the compacted soil, the dirt was moved by wheelbarrow to another corner of that area, where it will be stored, ready for use in the vegetable garden. We can’t thank these people enough for taking on this task and their efforts meant that when Newby Leisure turned up on Monday morning, to start the installation of the new structure, they found a large clear and relatively level area to build on.

Over the course of Monday and then Tuesday morning, the team from  Newby Leisure worked tirelessly to get the building up and by the end of Monday, the main structure was in place and the roof had been felted. Tuesday saw them installing the roll-up, heavy duty windows and door, as well as adding a small area of decking to the front. A further two small fencing panels were installed at the back of the structure to prevent the children from squeezing between the back wall and security fencing. A final raking level of the area immediately around the Gazebo and the team were finished.

There are four paving slabs in the area which were part of the old fort and it is hoped these can be moved and reused, to create a stepping stone path and there is definitely scope for development of the ground. For now though, we can sit back and enjoy this lovely new area ….. I suspect there may well be some competition for the use of it!


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    • Lol, I will certainly ask for you Eleanor because I think fairy lights would be a wonderful addition.


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