8th Annual Conker Tournament 2019

Every year for the 8th year in a row now, we have a conker tournament.

Our teachers arrange us in pairs to play against. One of our amazing helpers, Mr Ward, drills a hole in the conker, then threads a string through it.  The children help by bringing conkers in that we have found on the ground. The Year 6’s do the scoring and take the score card to the teachers and a teacher adds up the score. If you lost in the first round you could still get through to the next round, as the highest loser. Some highest scoring losers have come second in previous years.

This year, 2019, the winner of the conker tournament was Bethany Y5. When Bethany won, she said “I never thought that I would win from the start of the competition I didn’t even think I would get this far.” She also said that, “When I was playing I felt nervous and scared.” The winner gets a prize and the person who comes second gets a prize too. If you got to the semi-finals you get a sweet. Bethany’s prize was a box of maltesers.

Sophia Y4 came second. She felt really happy and excited when she was told she was in the final because she knew she would come first or second but she was only a bit annoyed that she didn’t win but happy that she has two more years.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the conker tournament this year and can’t wait for it next year.

By Beatrice Y5 and Eleanor Y5


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