Monthly Archives: January 2020

Writing about a day out.

A Day Out On Friday 24th of January Ks2 went on a trip to the KCOM stadium in Hull. When we got there our teacher for the day, Aaron, took us on a tour around the stadium. Some of us had never seen a stadium before so we thought it was MASSIVE. Even though it isn’t the biggest stadium in England. After lunch we

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Year 5/6 Basketball

Year 5-6 P.E. Yr5-6 has been playing basketball in P.E. and have been learning many skills including: passing, shooting, dribbling and getting into a good space. Passing: There are many types of passes: chest past, javelin pass and bounce pass. Shooting: You can shoot from many angles as long as you don’t put the ball out of the court, you can do a layup

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