Monthly Archives: November 2019

8th Annual Conker Tournament 2019

Every year for the 8th year in a row now, we have a conker tournament. Our teachers arrange us in pairs to play against. One of our amazing helpers, Mr Ward, drills a hole in the conker, then threads a string through it.  The children help by bringing conkers in that we have found on the ground. The Year 6’s do the scoring and

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Remember – an original Poem by Riley, year 6

Remember Again and again The time comes again The Poppies grow The Poppies die Like the s oldiers Who died   The city of London all in scraps The children who cried And also the mums Each little Poppy Is a tiny Little soul   So we should remember Remember this day Where glory was won And each little Poppy Shall not be alone.

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KS1 Gymnastics Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, KS1 (year 1 and 2) do gymnastics with Miss Somerscales and they enjoy it very much. Firstly, they get all the mats out and lay them on the floor. The exercises that they do are: pike, straddle, sit tuck, front support, back support and roll. Then they get the Aframe, benches, ladder, the balance beam out and practise their balancing. After that

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